Story Factory Art Auction 2021

Story Factory Art Auction 2021

26 Mar 2021


Exhibition to raise funds for creative writing programs for children from under-resourced communities.

Over 40 of Australia’s leading contemporary  artists  will donate artworks to the Story Factory fundraising exhibition and  auction  held at the Olsen Gallery this April. The exhibition will include artworks by Guy Maestri, Stephen Ormandy, Euan Macleod, Louise Olsen, Fiona Lowry, Chris Langlois, Blak Douglas and Leila Jeffreys. Story Factory thanks all participating artists and their families. 

All proceeds go to the Story Factory.

The exhibition will run from Tuesday 6 April – Saturday 10  April at  the Olsen Annexe, 74 Queen Street, Woollahra. The selection of artworks for sale in the online  auction  can be viewed here. Place your bids now!

Louise Olsen, ‘Dream Garden’

Kurt Breteton, ‘Coral’

Cancelled a week out in March 2020 when the pandemic hit, the  art  auction  is Story Factory’s opportunity to raise critical funds to run creative writing workshops across Sydney for more than 5,000 students every year.

COVID-19 has caused the existing educational gap of three years between advantaged and disadvantaged students to widen. This exacerbation of existing inequalities highlights the need for Story Factory’s programs that re-engage students in their learning and improve educational outcomes.

Artist  Telly Tu’u, who has donated work to the  auction, says  “I’ve been there, I know what it is like to walk into a classroom and not understand what the teacher is talking about. I’d sit at the back to avoid being asked questions.  It’s a privilege to be able to empower children from multi-lingual families, through the efforts and work of the Story Factory.”

You can bid on an artwork at the link above or visit the Olsen Annexe between 6-10  of April. All proceeds from this year’s  auction will be used to support the creativity and literacy of young people who are  Indigenous, from language backgrounds other than English, from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, or under-resourced in other ways.

Artists  participating in the  online auction:

Margaret Ackland

Svetlana Bailey

Jason Benjamin

Stephen Bird

Kurt Brereton

Keith Burt

Tom Carment

Paul Connor

Claudia Damichi

Michael Fitzjames

Becky Gibson

Melinda Harper

Leila Jeffreys

Locust Jones

Robert Klippel

Jasper Knight

Chris Langlois

Owen Leong

Fiona Lowry

Dean Manning

James McGrath

Heather Mitchell

Antonia Mrljak

Susan O’Doherty

Louise Olsen

Stephen Ormandy

Jess Orrego


James Powditch

Marisa Purcell

Olivier Rasir

Peter Simpson

Telly Tu’u

Louise Tuckwell

Chris Van Otterloo

Zoe Young

Artists participating in the live auction

Blak Douglas

Euan Macleod

Guy Maestri

Peter O’Doherty

Thanks also to donations from Margot McKinney, Julia Baird, Leigh Sales, Leta Keens, Michael Gonski, Riptide Prints and Oscar & Friends Booksellers