If I Was

By Miriam

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

If I was in a room filled with people, I would start overthinking about everything. I’m unable to relax and I just can’t seem to make important decisions which I think is keeping me from enjoying the present moment. I start to fidget my hands around and play around with something like a keychain. To organise my thoughts I always think about the sunset that I watched with mum and my siblings because it was really pretty and a memory I will never forget. Memories like this help me organise my thoughts like I organise the events in my week. 


Whenever I see the sun sink below a distant horizon, as the yellows and oranges and pinks flood the sky, I inevitably think this looks like a picture that has been extensively photoshopped. That picture in my head is the sunset with my family. seeing the pretty colours all mixed around made it feel like a huge beautiful painting in an art gallery, but instead of a canvas on the wall it was up in the sky with clouds looking so calm.