Museum of Me

By Kiara, Stage 4

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Pink elephant
When I was young, I got Elephant a pink elephant who fulfils my childhood memories.
One time we made a plushy race where we would throw a bunch of plushies across the room and would commentate on who would win.
Those days were fun and the clean up was so worth it.

My artworks symbolise the long nights of drawing for hours on end and losing myself in ideas. If I could eat my artworks they would taste like fruit and sweets because of their vibrant colours!
Even though I draw digitally and not on paper, it still feels like gliding a paintbrush through a canvas.
I am proud of my art, how  my art is bright like me, fun like me. My art is me.

Everybody has cars but me and my dad have our own special car – a Holden HI which shines in golden sparkling paint.
I’m so glad we got the chance to make it together.
Even though I probably made more work for my dad he didn’t care because he got to spend time fixing it with me. 


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