Mood Poem

By Kiara, Stage 4

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Cold air blows on my arm, peaceful quiet there is no harm;
Loud and piercing, a screech I hear,
Cold and quiet again I fear.
Ears ring loud, quiet alarming, screams sound like spells, I wish for it to be calming.

I miss the fun I usually have.
I feel quite blue, sometimes I hear you and tears I hold.
Only later to just unfold.
I get told to be confident and leave it in. I’m not that strong, I hope to win.
The quiet sound after lightning has struck, sometimes something which you cannot dodge or duck.
Feelings sway like creme brulee.
A cake gone wrong, unfortunately the feelings are strong.

I walk away still in shock. Oh God how long it’s taken.
I wish I could get away. I’m home now and I think, whilst I look through my sink, soggy food on plates makes me forget all the struggles I get.
What is that smell? A strawberry champagne candle
Fills the air while I push down the looming handle.
A magical place, a smell of lemon.

A spray of water, someone saying: ‘Go get ‘em.’
Oh sometimes I wish for vacation.

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