Students Should Not Wear School Uniforms

By John, Year 5

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Would you make students wear uncomfortable, annoying school uniforms? Well let me tell you that in my opinion students should never wear school uniforms! I have listed 3 things that list why you should not wear school uniforms. This is obviously due to the reasons below which are, students may not have time, poor innocent school children don’t deserve itchy tags and how easily teachers can get confused by school uniforms

To begin with, students may not have time to get changed out of school uniforms, for example, The child may have soccer or art classes straight after school and goes home and has to go somewhere right away but then realises that the child has to get changed and is late for whatever the child needs to do. Would you let this happen to your child?

In addition to this, poor innocent school children don’t deserve to wear itchy school uniforms. For example, the child won’t be able to concentrate in class if they are getting itchy by the tag of their school shirt. And I don’t know about you, but I would 100% change the rule of school uniforms.

Last but certainly not least, school uniforms can get very confusing and could get in trouble if they wear the wrong uniform. Not to mention, that teachers can get extremely confused with names and tell the difference between New kids or old kids. Now, that would be confusing!

As a result, those are the 3 reasons I listed to persuade you as only good schools don’t make students wear school uniforms. I will most definitely be talking to the prime minister about the issue that me and plenty more school children are having about school uniforms.


Mr.I. Hadenough

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