A Sydney Story Factory Snapshot

What exactly is the Sydney Story Factory all about? What happens in a creative writing workshop? How many young people do we work with in a year? How do we make sure that we're working with the marginalised kids who most stand to benefit? 

To answer these and many other questions (including how many times Marcia the Martian Librarian visits the Martian Embassy in 12 Earth months, and how many loaves of raisin bread it takes to fuel a year of creativity) have a read through this short and sweet snapshot of 2014-15.

Here's a few important stats and facts to start you off. Over 2014-15 we counted:

  • 2,168 student enrolments
  • 23% indigenous young people
  • 47% young people from language backgrounds other than English
  • 7,968 workshop hours
  • 3.67 average hours of personal tuition per student

And that's just the beginning...


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