A Very Little Cloud by Bruno

Once upon a time there was a very little cloud in the sky. He went down to explore the world for the first time. He came across a very foul land. He looked around this land, and he saw this hole. It looked normal, but it wasn’t. There was a behemoth beast that was trapped in the ground. He went closer and closer - SNAP! It pulled him in. but he vanished out and ran away. Then he arrived at a castle. It was in ruins and with a thunder strike he repowered the castle. It was rebuilding itself, but then Queen Dolly came down from the sky. She asked him to get her diamond back from Dolly Land, so he set off on his adventure. He has to get that diamond, but if he goes through that land they will kill him. He will have to sneak in. He saw a little rock monster come up to him and say, “Can I come?” he said yes, so they set off to Dolly Land. On the way they grabbed some food. They got to the door, they went in and there were guards. He threw sleeping powder at them. He walked past them and went to the castle. They were at the door of the castle. It had a lock but he had one lock pick. They only had one chance. “Okay? Let’s do it!” It worked. They went inside, they smashed the guards, they ran up the stairs and they saw the diamond. In a flash, the guy jumped down. He had a hammer and red eyes. They started punching him and kicking him, but he wouldn’t die, so his little friend did a combo move on him and it worked. They got the diamond so set off to Cloud Land.

When they got there he knelt down and gave her the diamond and said, “My friend helped me too.” She said, “Good, I will give you a gift - I will turn you into metal.” So they went back to their land, but she said, “You can live here.” But they said no. If you don’t start at the bottom, you won’t get to the top.