The mission was vital for humanity. If he could stop WWXVIII erupting and stop the Pride and Freedom Agency of Alchemists from ever existing, he would be safe. He set the coordinates on the Time Jumper to 1899, Egypt, Earth. “Wish me luck,” he murmured into the blackness, before he vanished into the murky depths of time.

Sam was considerably smart when it came to history. He was after all, a 300000000000-year-old time jumper from the year 5000000000000.300000000001, he reminded himself. He had seen WWI, created the Rocket and helped send the space-camera that would eventually photograph Pluto.

Toby was always quite calm in the face of danger. Unless danger was reading a book of incredibly good poetry, his greatest fear. Some fears are completely sensible, some irrational. Toby had been born on the point of no return on the irrational side and the passing millennia had done nothing to help it. Being older than any creature in the known and recorded universe, Toby was quite lonely, but he would never admit it. Having a 10 of 300000, he knew it would be advantageous to keep it a secret. Toby also knew that the government was made up of a bunch of mindless jerks, so now he was the last ever anarchist. He was also very confident, and ever so slightly stubborn. Stubbornly he wouldn’t admit his own stubbornness, either.

The only being who knew this was a lemur that, at one stage, had been brainwashed by reality TV, and was now trying to break the laws of gravity. He had been there when Toby had discovered and stolen the immortality staff. He had been there when Toby had got stuck in the body of a chicken. Unfortunately he had died in the war so had made the mission even more important. He was the only thing stopping the last copy of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ blasting into the cold heart of space.

Toby really loved ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ He had changed his name to ‘Toby instead of ‘Ellefixiogimibmo’ because it sounded more like a human name. But, as he fell through the Time Vortex, none of that mattered now. The Screen of his Time Jumper was flashing and the power supply was reading at 3%. The message ‘You are in imminent danger’ kept flashing on the screen. This did not look good. If the Time Jumper failed, he would either wash up in a random reality, or he would fall into infinite blackness. Not the best way to celebrate your 300000000001st birthday.

Suddenly the darkness of the vortex was warped with bright light. Toby checked his Time Jumper. It read 1899, Tokyo. Toby sighed with relief and then groaned with annoyance. He was on the right planet, in the right time-stream, but at the wrong side of the world. He would have to get to Egypt in only 3 hours and his Time Jumper was on 0%. He would have to get to Egypt by some other method and he didn’t think that private jets that travelled 30.16432109 times the speed of light were commercially available yet. CHAPTER 2

The one problem with the human race in 1899 was that they had somehow slowly forgotten the knowledge of how to control the elements at will. Speeding across the ocean, Toby was glad he had paid attention to the secret in primitive classes of hydrology. He had to turn the wave he was controlling into a tsunami and he could kill the evil Wood Zebenza and September Tom. He slid his Thrustershield onto his arm and suddenly noticed the towering spires of Atlantis. He was going to sink the city! “Oh, so that’s why Atlantis is a lost city,” thought Toby.

Suddenly he hit the tallest spire of Atlantis. The tower was sent crumbling down by the Thrustershield but the jolt of it knocked Toby off concentration and suddenly he was standing on a gigantic mass of white water. He surged forward and suddenly he saw the two evil founders. He rushed over to them before they had time to think, “What the heck is going on!?” Toby set his newly charged Time Jumper for just after WWXVIII. Next 301 York, New Earth. He blasted through the Time Vortex. But when he arrived everything was the same. What was he going to do now?!?


Toby tried to figure out what had happened.

“What happened?”

I travelled forward in time and WWXVIII had still happened.

Before that?

I destroyed Wood Zebenza and September Tom.


Because they caused WWXVIII.

Did they?

Aha! There it was! Perhaps they hadn’t caused the war after all! Toby now had to figure out who had, stop them and basically save the world. It was time to get the Time Agent outfit on again... But his Time Jumper was flashing again! He looked down just in time to see: Memory Wipe in one second.

This was very bad. Toby would be stuck in an Infinity Loop, repeating himself forever. The evil Memorio, his former rival and now arch-nemesis must have sent it! He had been tailing Toby ever since.

There was a flash and Toby fell through the floor… The mission was vital to humanity.