Book of Beards


This story was written by Christian on Wednesday July 2nd at our Book of Beards workshop. One day a kingdom was attacked by a ghost army. It was lead by evil Lancelot. The main character was Vy, it was night at China. So he had a plan. The plan was he would travel all over China and convince them to help him so he did. He waited until they grew their beards. Vy also had a beard and it was the best beard because it had super powers - the power to hypnotise ghost people. Today he decided to battle the evil ghost army. On his way he found a note, he opened it and it said 'everywhere someone is following you'. It was a horrible person. So he went out to fight the ghost army, bang! bang! Vy and his men, when suddenly they heard a bang! The horrible person killed evil Sir Lancelot. Vy hypnotised the horrible person as quick as he can and killed him so the ghost kingdom exploded and they lived happily ever after.