Book Review: Do-Wrong Ron

dowrong ron

Book Title: Do-Wrong RonAuthor: Steven Herrick Publisher: Allen & Unwin ISBN: 978-1-865-086-613

Reviewed by: Zoe (9)

This book is about a boy named Ron but he does everything wrong! Ron does the right things at the wrong time, and does the wrong thing at the right time. Ron doesn’t have any friends until he finds a guinea pig in the bushes at home. One afternoon he saw an old lady moving in next door! He also sees a girl about his age as well. Her name is Isabelle. Now Ron has another friend! Isabelle and Ron try and think of a way to try and make Isabelle’s granny happy.

I would rate this book 12/10 because it is really really really really funny. (All the ‘really’s could go on forever so I only did 4). I would recommend this book to all ages because it is AWESOME! My favourite character is Charlie the guinea pig because he goes we we we we we, all that. I really enjoyed this book and I think other people will as well. 

Score: 12 out of 10