Book Review: House of Secrets


Book Title: House of SecretsAuthor: Chris Columbus& Ned Vizzini Publisher: Harper Collins ISBN: 978-0-007-490-141

Reviewed by: Finbar (10)

House of Secrets is a fantastic fantasy adventure full of pirates, pilots and witches. If you like fantasy stories then your going to love this book. After all, what can get more fantasy-tastical than a story about adventuring through books?

When the three Walker children, Cordelia, Eleanor and Brendan, move into Kristoff House they are immediately thrown into a world inside 3 books that Kristoff wrote himself. In this magical world there are no limits after all, inside a book there are no rules, you make them up.

I felt that as the story unfolded I felt more and more concerned about what happened to the children. I think Chris Columbus did a fantastic job on getting me engaged into the story and he gave each character great depth and made me care about what happened to them, especially when Kristoff house fell off a cliff! Throughout the story I think Kristoff house became a very important aspect and I loved how Columbus decided that not every character needed to be alive. If you love the book (which I think you will) you should definitely pick up the second in the series, House of Secrets and the Battle of the Beasts. Overall I adored this book and give it 10/10 and suggest a retail price of around $18.00. A good age to read this would be around 8 to 12.

Score: 10 out of 10