Book Review: Just Tricking

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Book Title: Just TrickingAuthor: Andy Griffiths Publisher: Pan Macmillan ISBN: 978-0-330-361-415

Reviewed by: Timothy (12)

‘Just Tricking’ is a wonderful and humorous fiction book, which is written by Andy Griffiths. This book is in the ‘Just’ series along with ‘Just Annoying’, ‘Just Shocking’, and ‘Just Stupid’. Pan Macmillan was the publishing company of this book.

In this book, there are about seven stories, which feature Andy, a mischievous boy who causes lots of trouble for his siblings or parents. My favourite story in ‘Just Tricking’ is ‘Playing Dead’.

This humorous story tells the tale of how Andy made his parents believe he was dead. It was very funny up until the point when Andy’s parents try to bury him alive. EEK!!

There are many black and white doodles in this book by the talented illustrator Terry Denton. I really love Terry’s funny cartoons and drawings as I read Andy’s spectacular writing magic! Some of Terry’s doodles include Mr Scribble, gross pictures of blood and cute puppies and ponies. Yay!!

This wonderful and cool book is suitable for children aged six to thirteen. Who wants some mischief and humour? Everyone!! I would rate this hilarious book eight out of ten. Andy and Terry both do come up with some weird and wonderful creations, which no one can think of! What a surprise! This book is Just mischievous.

Score: 8 out of 10