Book Review: The Selfish Giant

selfish giant

Book Title: The Selfish GiantAuthor: Oscar Wilde Publisher: Allen & Unwin ISBN: 978-1-742-376-509

Reviewed by: William (11)

In a small civilised village there was a selfish giant. The village children would go and play in his gigantic garden but one day the giant caught them and since he was selfish he shooed all the children out. He also built a towering wall so the children couldn’t come in.

The next day the selfish giant looked out his old dusty window and saw nothing but dead old trees. He was overcome by gloom and went to sleep. The next day the selfish giant heard a golden tune from a little linnet.

The giant panaromed his garden, he saw all the children and the suddenly beautiful trees. He realised that the children had crawled through a small hole and the trees were so happy to see them again they bloomed. The not-so-selfish-anymore giant saw a boy soaked in his tears. The now-selfless giant helped the little boy up to the blooming tree because he couldn’t reach the tree since he was so small. After an afternoon of playing with the children he never saw the boy again. Many years later when the giant was old and frail he saw a bright light, what was it? The end is there to read yourself.

I liked the illustration of the book because it explained the environment and emotion. The only downside was the lack of action so I will rate it 4.5 stars out of 5.

I advise this for all ages and people who are sad.

Score: 4.5 out of 5