Book Review: Treasure: Fortunes Lost and Found


Book Title: Treasure: Fortunes Lost and FoundAuthor: Glenn Murphy Publisher: Templar Publishing ISBN: 978-1848771871

Reviewed by: Arel

Have you ever been interested in facts about money, Spanish dudes with gold, or even god excrement (sort of)?! If so, then get this book!

In a nutshell, the book literally tells the history of treasure from Aztec gold, to the Titanic. Despite all this, it is really in-depth and packed with things you might think are impossibly weird - like god excrement!

I recommend it for people 5-years-old to 10-years-old who are researching. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

(P.S. Only bother with the comic at the end. You can do without the rest, trust me.)