Book Review: What Howls at the Moon in Frilly Knickers?

what howls

Book Title: What Howls at the Moon in Frilly Knickers?Author: E.F. Smith Publisher: Orchard Books ISBN: 978-0-312-947-903

Reviewed by: Isabella (8)

This is a book about three boys called Julian, Ed and Gary who want to make a joke book for Julian’s grandma Miriam. They ask a girl called Rosie to do the drawings for them. I liked it because there is a joke at the start of every chapter, but it is still a great story in it. In Great Britain it is 4 pounds 99. But I got this book for $3.00 from a fair at the book sale. I think that ages 6 to 10 would like this book.

Score: 9 out of 10