Daniel and His Great Adventure By Hayden

Daniel and His Great Adventure
By Hayden


Year 25,000

Daniel was a really smart person. His IQ was around 500. He was nineteen years old. The police knew him very well. They said, “Hey Daniel, want to collect a power cluster?”

Daniel said, “What’s a power cluster, please?”

The Police Commissioner said, “A power cluster is something that when you collect it, it gives you average powers to start off with, and the more you collect, the more powers you get, the stronger you get.”

“Oh yes!” Daniel said. “Yes, I will collect them!”

The Police Commissioner gave Daniel the keys for the police car to access it at any time in case he needed it.

Daniel was driving down Designer Street to collect the power cluster. Daniel said, “The power cluster’s too high for me.” He called the military to hire a helicopter to ride and then jumped on the power cluster. He sat on the edge of the helicopter and jumped. Before he hit the ground he collected the power cluster. He thought he was going to die, but power clusters make you invincible from falling and splatting on the ground.

Daniel closed his eyes, and before he hit the ground he landed on his feet, and he said, “Wow, I actually survived that!”

The first alien spaceship landed on Earth at eight o’clock at night. Daniel introduced himself to the alien and said, “Shake my hand.” And that’s exactly what the alien did. They both made friends. The alien didn’t have any powers like Daniel. The alien invited him to go to Mars. Daniel got his ray gun ready in case the bad aliens attacked them. You could tell by the colour – red aliens were evil and green aliens were good.

Daniel found black titanium on Mars. He found 800 massive bars of it and thought, “What can I make this into?” Daniel found a massive black titanium machine and put all 800 bars in but left two massive bars for something else. Bit by bit, Daniel saw what the machine was making. He said, “What’s the machine making?”

The friendly alien said, “It’s probably a submarine.”

Slowly the machine put together the black titanium submarine. Once the submarine was done, it shined a beautiful white light in the red water on Mars.

Daniel said, “What else can I make with the two black titanium bars?” The machine said, “You can make a black titanium sword.”

Daniel put the two black titanium bars in the machine and then very quickly it put together the black titanium bars and turned them into a black titanium war sword.

Daniel tested the black titanium sword and discovered that the black titanium sword could penetrate any armour and do devastating damage.

Two hours later Daniel put together a robot made out of black titanium. Daniel made it appear with his powers -  it took him two minutes to get 8000 bars. The robot was completely made out of black titanium – all his internal organs, everything. The robotic body parts were made out of black titanium.

Daniel thought, “ I wonder what I should name this robot?”

The alien friend said, “Maybe name him Ion.”

Daniel said, “Ok, Ion. You are going to go to Earth and save all the citizens from terrorist attacks.”

Before that happened, Daniel made Ion a black titanium ray gun to do it.

Ion shot to earth like a shooting star. Before he hit the ground, he turned on his thrusters and slowly he landed down on the ground in Sydney.

Some people thought he was an alien invader. “I’m just a friendly robot trying to save you from terrorist attacks.”

Ion got his ray gun out and shot it a hundred times a second in the air. The terrorists ran away, and they never came back. Two years later they had never returned. Meanwhile, Daniel pushed the submarine off Mars and activated flying mode and with full thrust he landed on Earth with a big crash – but the submarine was unharmed. Daniel talked to Ion. He said, “You’ve saved the city from terrorist attacks,” and gave Ion lots of space money.

Daniel found another power cluster and said, “I’m going to jump and get this.” Two jumps later he collected it and unlocked four new powers – force field, telekinesis, mind control and immortality. He found the terrorists in the desert. They said, “Alien! Fire at the alien!”

Daniel just stood still, and the terrorists shot him for 120 straight hours and Daniel said, “Are you going to give up now?”

The terrorists said, “Yes,” and slowly ran away. Daniel vanished them in a portal.

He closed it and they never ever came back – they were trapped on Venus.

Daniel supersprinted all the way to the military base, and found one billion military soldiers ready for war.

He was walking around, looking at all the soldiers, who were ready for war with rocket launchers, assault rifles, tanks, jets, military gun slugs with heavy machine guns on top, so they could shoot bullets through the saucers and destroy them.

Daniel looked at the Commander and said, “Why is this Commander a girl?”

She said, “Hi, do you have powers Daniel?”

Daniel had met her in 24,986 high school as a classmate and she said, “What’s your name?”

Daniel said, “My name’s Daniel. What’s your name?”

She said, “My name’s Charlotte. You look lovely today.”

Daniel slowly started to fall in love with her. Charlotte went on holidays with Daniel to America and saw Los Angeles, the biggest city in the world. They got lost in different directions. They got sad that they didn’t see each other for a year.

But now he saw her again in the military base. She said, “Daniel, where have you been this whole time?”

Daniel said, “I got lost in the opposite direction to where you got lost.”

They started a wedding two years later. The priest said, ”You may now kiss the bride.”

Two years later a child was born, named Danal. Charlotte felt a weird effect and asked, “Why am I going all blue?”

A little later, the effect wore off, and Charlotte said, “Daniel, do I have super powers?”

Daniel said, “Yes, you do.”

Charlotte said, “Let’s go test them.”

Only the Australian terrorists were locked in the Venus portal.

The General of the military base said, “We’re being attacked by Syrian terrorists now. Get your guns and tanks ready! Fire the rocket launchers at the jets!”

The General said, “Bring the tanks out, we’ve got to take out the Syrian tanks!”

The war kept going on constantly for twelve years, and after that, America won against Syria. During the twelve years, the General of the Army died. He didn’t get shot, he died of old age.  

Around 38,000 years later, aliens invaded Earth.

The whole world was fighting against the aliens, and all the best generals in the world sent out all their troops, tanks and artillery to the battlefield.

Daniel grew up and was over 38,000 years old, which for an immortal is like being 18 years old.

Daniel went missing. Danal cried a bit, and Charlotte said, “It’s okay son, Dad will come back  eventually.”

Two years later, Charlotte went missing as well. Constantly for 21 million years, the war had been going on. Soldiers and soldiers and soldiers were born, fighting for their rights to win Earth back from the aliens. Slowly, aliens had been killing off humans. A thousand years later, the aliens had won.


Year 21,000,000

Danal came to the beach for the fish and chips and wanted a chocolate bar. Danal was the last human left on Earth . Everyone else on Earth was an alien. The chocolate bar cost one million dollars, when he only had a hundred dollars. That was the only human money on Earth. He started to attack the shopkeepers for the golden chocolate bar. He hurt the shopkeepers and when they were injured, he stole the chocolate bar. The fish and chip shop was not a normal fish and chip shop – the secret about the fish and chip shop was a vault of diamond gold titanium stuff. The only person who knew about the secret was Danal, because he saw the lever and opened the vault.

Before he climbed in the vault, the police came. He ran, and stole a civilian car so he could escape the police. He drove up a massive speed ramp and flew 8000 feet in the air. He escaped the police.

He bought a bullet-proof vest in the gun store for four dollars. His friend – a friendly alien without a name – gave the bullet-proof vest to Danal. The bullet-proof vest was really expensive ($4 is like $1000 million now). The bullet-proof vest was made out of a really rare metal called black titanium, but it weighed 200kg. Fortunately Danal was a weight-lifting titan, so he could lift weights up to 1000kg with only two fingers. If they were up to 10,000kg, he would have to use his whole hand. He bought a full set of black titanium armour, that weighed a total of 10,000kg.

The police found him by using a tracking device. Danal came out of the gun shop and pulled out his weapons. Danal shot his laser rifle at the alien police and they all got injured. Shooting them once gets them injured, shooting them twice gets them killed. Danal was trying not to kill them, so he could go to their cars and destroy all their tracking devices.

The black titanium submarine was made in 25,000. It was a bit slower and a bit rusty, but it still worked. He fired the black titanium torpedo and that destroyed all the tracking devices. Ion made all the titanium stuff. Ion was made by a genius in the year 24,999. Ion was a bit rusted but the same speed and he said, “You can make everything out of stardust.”

An aqua stardust star – the prettiest thing in the world – was up in the sky. Danal looked at the star and wished for it to fall. This wish came true, and it fell right in front of him. The star hit the water like a massive crash. It shook the submarine a bit. The black titanium submarine vibrated to the noise.

Danal got a black titanium wire like a claw. He controlled it through the submarine, and opened the hatch of the submarine to put the aqua stardust star inside the submarine so it didn’t lose its colour, (it loses its colour if it gets cracked).

Then military aliens found Daniel’s black titanium submarine. Danal destroyed all the police trackers, except for the military ones, because they hadn’t seen him yet. The military were not after Danal, they were after the stardust star. They could make really good stuff out of it, and it was the rarest thing in the whole universe. Danal jumped up and got his grappling hook. He tied it up to the nearest helicopter. Danal had a jet pack with really powerful thrusters. He flung himself up in the air, and pulled the military alien out of his chopper, who landed in the water. Danal made sure the grapple was stable and tight and tied to both the chopper and the stardust star, and flew away to the gun store.

And the aliens flew after Danal.

Danal grappled his hook onto the helicopter and hung on, then rapidly pulled out from his very large pocket an STG-45 assault rifle and opened fire on the military helicopters.

Danal’s police helicopter got shot by a military missile, and Danal fired a grappling hook under the military helicopter. When the military aliens were looking at the stardust star, Daniel rapidly grappled onto the military helicopter and with his knife, opened the helicopter and with his grappling hook threw the alien out of the helicopter and very fast, the military alien splashed massively in the water.

Two hours later the aliens hadn’t noticed that the stardust star was a bomb. Danal had used his superpowers to make the stardust star a bomb. Five seconds later, the stardust star exploded, taking out all the helicopters. Before they exploded, the helicopters fell in the water with the aliens trapped inside.

Danal flew for two hours and landed the helicopter on the beach, and then Danal saw the secret lever and opened up the vault at the fish and chip shop.

Danal said, “Why aren’t the police chasing me for that?” Slowly Danal stepped into the vault, and found a secret room and opened a secret vault and found Daniel and Charlotte!

Daniel and Charlotte said, “ Where have you been Danal?”

Danal said, “Hi Mum and Dad, I’ve been missing you this whole time,” tearing a bit.

Danal said to Daniel and Charlotte, “Why did you build this vault and build a secret room?”

Daniel and Charlotte said, “To hide from the aliens.”

Danal said, “Let’s end this war once and for all.”

They built a massive black titanium nuke. They built a gun and nuke launcher, so they could launch a massive black titanium EMP at all the aliens.

They launched it, and that took out all the aliens in the world in six minutes. All the aliens in the world were zapped and passed away.

Slowly, another 21,000,000 years later, all the humans were born back on Earth.