Dear Diary by Bergren

Dear Diary,
Today was intense I started of like normal I walked into the hall for youth group like normal late Friday afternoon. The community centre was completely empty but as soon as I walk in everyone else does. I am so popular everyone loves me and follows me subconsciously and who could blame them. When we all got in we set up the chairs like normal I had to set up the chairs for the new kids because I am so kind unlike everyone else who is super lazy and can’t even help me with the chairs, but whatever - I am super kind they aren’t. As I walked past my friend, who worships me, I pulled her hair in a joking way, but am being so rude she hit me and I tried to laugh it off but I was one minute off defriending her. Good thing I am so much more grown up then them but my arm will probably bruise and she won’t get to go to my sleep-over, the best sleep-over of the year. As I was just sitting there and laughing with my girls about this super hot guy I think might ask me out, the two new kids walked in but they weren’t what I expected, they looked like two gross rats that walked off the street. I knew everyone else thought the same because know one said a word. They sit down I could smell them from here, they smelt like rat shit I felt like gagging. I remember their names from the sign up sheet, “James, Anna, welcome.” I say and without even thinking I say, “I see you guys haven’t taken a bath this morning or any time this year.” I felt really bad once I said it but I wasn’t going to apologise. Everyone laughed, and I could see the girl get really mad, James, the boy just looked ashamed which made me feel worse. And then all of a sudden Anna jumps up, “You want to go, come on let’s go.” she yells at me. I get up with hesitation and hear myself say, “No thanks, I will not fight with someone of your intellectual capacity.” I could see her about to blow. She starts yelling at me I didn’t understand even half of the things she was saying all I hear was a lot of F’s, C’s, B’s, and much more, if my mum was here she would whip this girl senseless. She never allows me to swear at home and she would never allow anyone to swear at me, it makes me think how did I become so bad if my mum is such a good person. I start yelling back all these smart ass things, but the main thought in my head was if this girl wanted to hit me I would go down so hard I would probably melt. This girl is about twice the size of me and I don’t stand a chance. Then all of a sudden I yell something really mean at her and I see her storm to the door and start banging, I can’t even remember what I said to her. Bang, Bang, Bang, Anna was still banging on the bloody door, I see her walk over to the window and try and unlock it, everyone gets up and walks to a window or door I try and open the door, everything is locked we can get out, what do I do? Hours pass will still can’t get out most people are sitting down and doing nothing. I hear this hissing sound I see this gas come in and everything gets blurry.