Eric’s Second and Third Biggest Court Case Win by Farhan

When the bad lawyer got in the same limo as his client, he told her his name was Eric No-name. She told Eric her name was Gemma. Eric has black hair, blue eyes and a wonky nose, and Gemma has blonde hair, brown eyes and a straight nose.

Eric said hello to Gemma. Gemma said, “Can you just take my court case?” Eric asked, “What is your court case about?”  Gemma told Eric, “My job is paying me $3000 a year and I can barely afford to pay for food and rent because my family makes $2000 a year from welfare.” Eric said, “I will try my best”, and Gemma thanked him. Eric asked if she wanted to hear a story and she said yes because she was bored.

Eric told her about his first ever case he won: it was about a soccer player who swore at a referee because the ref called an offside in their grand final. This cost them the grand final. When Eric went to the soccer player’s court case they kept on arguing until Eric found the footage of the soccer match and said to the judge, “If he was offside he would be charged but if he wasn’t then he and his team would get a gold medal and the ref had to resign.” The judge agreed and when they saw the footage he wasn’t offside. The team all got a gold medal and the ref resigned from his job. The end, Eric said. Gemma said that was a nice story. She then said, “Could you make my job pay me $30,000 a year because everyone else gets $50,000 a year?” Eric said, “I will try my hardest to get you paid $30,000 a year.”

When they arrived Eric told the judge that Gemma was paid $3,000 a year and her family gets $2,000 total. They barely can afford rent and pay for food. She works so hard and full time seven days a week. Five customers that come with their family costs of all the money she gets a year and other workers don’t work seven days a week and they get $50,000 a year. When the judge said the case would come back tomorrow, Eric asked Gemma how much he would get. She said, “$10,000 when they finish the case,” but Eric didn’t like that and said, “I won’t be your lawyer anymore because you are paying so little. I quit. You should still get paid $3,000 a year.”

When he got back to his house he realised that people would not want him to be their lawyer and then he won’t have any money. He called Gemma and said that he will do it again and that she doesn’t have to pay him. So the next day he picks her up and goes to court again. He tells the judge all the reasons, like she works a lot but others don’t; and they get $30,000-$50,000 but she gets only $3,000 and her family don’t make so much. The judge then said that Gemma should get paid $30,000 a year. Gemma and Eric shouted out loud.

“Woooooo,” Eric said, “it’s my second biggest court case win.” Gemma rushed outside and called her parents five times but they didn’t answer and they wouldn’t be anywhere else because they never go anywhere. She told the limo to take her to her mum’s house. When they arrived she found the house door open; Gemma and Eric rushed inside but when they went in, Gemma’s parents were dead inside their own home.

They were murdered, and Gemma knew who did it, and was shredded in tears. Eric called the police and ambulance, they arrived in five minutes. They got all the evidence and found the fingerprints and said the person who killed Gemma’s parents was the owner of Gemma’s restaurant. Gemma and Eric jumped in the limo. The police and the limo rushed to the restaurant while the coroner took the bodies away. When they arrived at the restaurant the police stormed in and arrested the owner, and the owner said, “I killed her parents, that’s revenge for making me pay more for your job.”

The next day when they went to court Eric told Gemma that she did not have to pay. Eric told the judge: “The owner of the restaurant killed my client’s parents because he wanted revenge because Gemma got paid $30,000 a year.” The other lawyer objected, and said the restaurant owner didn’t care that he had to pay more. Eric said that the police got the fingerprints and evidence that the owner killed Gemma’s parents and that when he was arrested he admitted it.The judge then asked, “Where is the proof?” Eric said that he was recording while the arrest was going on. The judge said, “Where is the camera?” Eric said that it was in in his limo, so he rushed out to get the camera and then put it on the court TV. He skipped to the bit where the owner of the restaurant said “I killed her parents”. The judge then said the owner was sentenced to life in jail unless he pays $20 million to Gemma and if he does he will get a sentence of 10 years. So he paid the money and Eric told Gemma she could live with him and she can keep the $20 million.

Eric has become a better and kinder lawyer, not a dodgy lawyer. Because he is not concerned about the money now, it’s about caring for others.