Evil Hermit Crabs by Jack Keeley

Hi, I’m Watson. In dog years I am seven and in human years I am 29. I live in Drumoyne, my house number is 35, and I live with George and his mum and dad and his brother and his hermit crabs. I like to play with the hermit crabs because we can have a race.

My owner George is taking me for a walk to the park and George bought me a tennis ball for me to play with. George threw the tennis ball for me and I went and got it and I brought it back. George’s brother Michael came as well.

After the park we went to Froyo and Michael had chocolate sorbet and George had vanilla sorbet. Michael, George and his mum and dad had to get some more dog food for me. We went home to have some dinner. George and Michael and his mum and dad are having chicken soup for dinner. it is dark outside and the stars have come out. We have all finished dinner and now we are going to bed.

It is morning and we are having breakfast. I am having dog food and George is having koala puffs and Michael is having cornflakes. George and Michael’s mum is having toast and George and Michael’s dad is having weetbix.

The hermit crabs crawl out of their cage and go to the dog food and have a look at it. I barked at the hermit crabs to tell them to go away, but the hermit crabs did not go away. They ate the dog food instead.

artwork inspired by Evil Hermit Crabs, artist credit: Chilli Charlie

My owner George calls me because he wanted me to see the new toy he got me.

When I got back, the hermit crabs have got really really really big!!!

I try to attack the hermit crabs but they just throw me all the way back to George’s bedroom. Luckily I landed on his bed.

The hermit crabs start destroying the house, trying to get out. When they have destroyed enough of the house they get out of the house. So I decided to follow them.

They were at the bank destroying it. They have got into the vault, taking all the money. All the people in the bank run away.

I wish the hermit crabs did not eat my food!

I bit the legs of the hermit crabs and pulled them all the way back home. When we got home I put the hermit crabs in an extra large cage. They were trying to get out. So I went to the fridge and had a look at what I could see. I found some watermelon.

The hermit crabs’ mouths were open, so I threw the watermelon into their mouths and they went back to their normal size.

artwork inspired by  Evil Hermit Crabs , artist credit: Chilli Charlie

artwork inspired by Evil Hermit Crabs, artist credit: Chilli Charlie

The extra large cage disappeared, all the money went back to the bank, our house went back to normal and the bank went back to normal.

Maybe we should give our hermit crabs to someone else.