Exquisite Genres: Science Fiction

Sci fi

This collaborative story was written by four groups of young writers on Sunday 25th May at our Exquisite Genres workshop at the Sydney Writers' Festival.  Part 1

Kazoo Webfoot hopped out of his front door with Kalejiboru's computer strapped to his froggy back. He hopped down the street towards a big, white, dome-shaped building - Brain Hub Laboratory - his work.

He passed lots of different curiosities, but the one that struck him confused the most was Professor Maximum-Plex's lab. He had his face lodged in a telescope, and his whiskers twitched like crazy, a sign that something interesting had caught his eye.

'Lazarus!' Come forth my son! Look what I've just found!' Professor Maximum-Plex called to his giant pet lemur.


Dr Blood looked evilly out his front window. He was in the middle of his newest evil invention, the neural trigonometric geometric atomic generic genetic superluminal telescope. He looked but as he searched for a new planet, the tingly feeling that he got when he changed into Dr Rainbow came upon him. Dr Rainbow came charging out of his 'cocoon.'

'How could I make this evil invention?' he said out loud before grabbing a nearby hammer and smashing his very evil invention.

Dr Blood came crashing back in and he looked into his telescope and found a new planet. On this planet, he saw as he zoomed in with his telescope, there was a rock that could grant eternal life.

Part 2

Proffesor Maximum and Kazoo checked the telemeter for the last time. They had been wokring on it for the past three days. They strapped in the seatbelts, but what they found on the planet wasn't what they expected. On the planet there were stupid aliens crashing into each other. Professor Maximum and Kazoo stared at them as if they were stupid too. Which they were.

Meanwhile, Dr. Blood/Dr. Rainbow and Kalejiboru walked to their rocket ship but the engines didn't work. So they got a block of dynamite, put it on the engines, and blew their rocketship off their planet.

"Off we go into space", said Dr. Blood to Kalejiboru.

As they got closer to the planet they began to make out orange alien figures , but they seemed to be drooling and their eyes were looking different ways.

The two mad scientists descended from their spacecraft and started bobbing up and down. The lack of gravity making it seem that they had just entered a jumping castle.

"Look at all those aliens! They're repulsive! You got your alien repellant, Dr. Blood?", asked Kalejiboru,

The two got out their guns and shot away almost instantly, but through all their efforts, the aliens stood... As if they were IMMORTAL.

Dr. Blood and Kalejiboru got really excited, they must be near the rock that gives eternal life. And then they saw a green rock surrounded by a golden glow.

Part 3

As they looked into the distance Dr. Blood and Kalejiboru saw Proffessor Maximum Plex and Kazoo. They saw them and all eyes were on the rock. The race was on.

Sprinting across the plain Dr. Blood approached the rock he completely lost control of his body. He was running around in circles. In the distance Professor Maximum Plex saw what was happening. He thought it was his eyes, but no, Kazoo saw it too. The gloomy place was brought to life by the competitive emotion.

The green rock shone with a dim light mustering up all its acid, ready to launch.

"ARRRRRRRRHHHhhhhrrr! I will need to stop the rock dust. Happy Kazoo's is scared with tears. I need my special serum", screamed Professor Maximum.

Professor gave some special serum to Kazoo and took the rest for himself, so that they would not become stupid from the rock of eternal life (which also made people stupid).

At once, Dr. Blood peered at the rock. He became stupid and the aliens liked his idiocy so much that they made him their leader. When professor and Kazoo looked into the rock fumed, they didn't become stupid. So, the aliens and Dr. Blood turned on them.

Professor and Kazoo both knew what to do. They pretended to be stupid and the aliens thought they were one of them. Then, the aliens thought that Professor was better than Dr. Blood and made him the leader, even though he was pretending.

Part 4

The next thing Dr. Blood knew, he was being attacked. He was in the middle of a huge cloud of dust. the aliens were attacking him!!! After being attacked, he was so delusional that he thought he saw the rock, and he started running towards it.

Professor Maximum was setting up a trap for Dr. Blood. He was so sure that Dr. Blood would get caught. But, stupidly Professor fell in to the trap. The aliens helped Professor by creating alien goo to grab him and pull him out. "Thank you", said Professor. The alien just said, "BLAH!".So, Professor just walked away.

Professor got to the rock, but Dr. Blood was there. Professor decided to split the rock. However, Dr. Blood, being mean and selfish, didn't want to share.

Dr. Blood bolted to his spaceship, forgetting that there was a thin bit of rock left on the planet. So, the Professor was happy. Professor got left behind by Dr. Blood, but he was happy because there was a fragment of the rock.

Over the years he built a spaceship and flew back to Earth and lived happily ever after. He put the rock in a blender and ate it when it was a rock shake and it gave him eternal life.