Feast Your Eyes with Alex Park High Students

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During term two high school students from Alexandria Park Community School completed a series of workshops about food writing. Students completed various activities including: tastings of chocolate, cheese and honey - their notes for the cheese tasting are included here; but in the book you’ll also find a review of a nearby café, reviews of Instagram meals, and a short script based on TV cooking show. Stop by the Story Factory and pick up a copy today! Cheese No. 1

It smells like poop as if it came straight from the ground, and salty, very salty. Also kind of like the cow was a tree that could be milked. It looked ancient as if it was a decayed bone.


Cheese No. 2

The last cheese smells like a cow dropping (no offense intended). The outside feels like garlic bread before being put in the oven. The colour is orange with white bits and the inside is yellow. Little salt, bitterness, and the taste is mild.


Cheese No. 3

Smells like fertilizer, the taste stays just as strong no matter how big the portion is, has a taste more similar to the savoury vegetable like lettuce or cabbage, it will stay a solid texture until you push it with your tongue against the floor of your mouth becoming softer, loses its pungent smell after a few bites, a gentle aftertaste in your pallet.


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