Fudgebird by Hunter

Fudgey was going to do a fudge. Then everyone else said, “Let’s leave Fudgey behind!” and flew away. The Fudgey was like, “Where did everyone go?”


The trees around him were watching him. They want to see if he’s worthy to be a Fudgebird. Fudgebirds don’t go to the ground to fudge – they just do it in the air.


To get back in the Fudgebird Flock, Fudgey has to play hide-and-seek with Bobby the Fudgebird, who is super annoying. “Can we play hide-and-seek?” “NO!”


Five hours later…


“Fine, I’ll play hide-and-seek with you.”


“But only one round.”



Bobby said, “You seek first and I’m going to open the gates of Hell so we can hide in Hell.” “Yay!”

Bobby the Fudgebird was raised by Satan, which is why he can open the gates of Hell. Fudgey closes his eyes and counts to 666 because that’s Satan’s lucky number. “I will look near Satan’s house.”


Six minutes later…

“You wouldn’t expect Satan’s house to be made of wood, would you? And why does his doorknob have a pentagram carved into it?…Oh wait, that makes sense.”

“Hm…I think I’ll look at the demon bushes.”

But Bobby wasn’t there. So Fudgey tried to look in Satan’s house, but it was locked so no one could steal Satan’s trident whatever thing.

“Maybe I’ll check under his mat!” Fudgey lifted the mat and found a key. “Well, that was easy?” The key had a pentagram carved into it, what a surprise (sarcastic). Fudgey put the key in the door. “I hope I find fudge brownies!”

Inside he finds…fudge brownies! Then Satan’s security walks in while Fudgey was eating the brownies. He says, “Hey Satan’s son is definitely not in here!” and then Bobby the Fudgebird says, “Oh, come on!” from the other side of the house.


Fudgey goes YOLO past the guard. “From the sound and direction of the scream, I think he’s halfway across the house. Wait, Bobby screams very loudly. So he’s probably at the complete other side of the house.” The guard was behind Fudgey yelling and flailing his arms.


Fudgey goes to the other side of the house. He goes into the gaming room. Suddenly, he gets attacked by a Pac-Man that’s also a demon. Pac-Men are the mortal enemies of Fudgebirds.

“HELP ME!” And then Bobby laughs and says, “Get him, Floralshmap!”

“Hm…what defence should I use? Heat-seeking poop? Which also explodes? Or should I use my giant drill launcher, which is my tail? My poisonous spiky wings? Or should I use my acid spit?”


Pac-Men are weak to ghosts. “If people look into my eyes, they see their worst nightmare. I’m gonna guess that Glorbalshmap’s is ghosts.”

Fudgey says, “LOOK INTO MY EYES,” and Glorbalshmap is compelled to obey.

“OH NO!” Bobby says, “no, don’t look into his eyes!” But it was too late. Bobby said, “Why do I smell fudge brownies?” Fudgey won hide-and-seek, so he got to rejoin his flock. And the Gorbalshmap smelled the fudge brownies. He rushed over, at Bobby then ate the brownies. Then Fudgey got to join the flock.

For every second of the story, Fudgey was thinking… OH, FUDGE THAT!