Good or Bad, Who Knows? by Shanzay

Kristina Salvato was sitting on the plane getting ready for take off when someone familiar sat next to her. He was wearing a lab coat with white frizzy hair and looked about 25. Oh it must be Jeffrey, she thought, but didn’t say anything just in case she was wrong  - and she hates being wrong. Kristina is 24 years old and is an abstract artist, she has long dirty blonde hair with a blue streak going down the left side of her head. She normally wears bright clothes and flip flops.

Soon after everyone had settled and a few announcements had occurred the man pulled out a strange coloured liquid from his bag which had his name labelled “Jeffrey” on it and drank it. This reminded Kristina about how she had been messing around with weird liquids before with him when they were 11 and 12. Now she definitely knew it was him.

“Hey Jeffrey, remember me?” questioned Kristina in excitement.

“How could I forget, you’re the one who always paints weird things that you call art!” he answered not so cheerfully.

“Hey, they were and still are masterpieces but anyway that thing you drank, what was it?” she inquired.

“It was medicine that I have to drink because I used to smoke but it doesn’t taste so good, why?” he curiously answered.

“Well it reminded me of when we were young and playing on the streets, that’s all. Also, remember this story…”

You and I were going to the shops to buy some paint supplies for our big idea to paint a huge picture on the street. On the way back we saw some colourful liquids surrounding quite a few sharp, shiny objects on the road. Even though my mum and dad told us millions of times not to mess around with strange objects we still did. I remember that I was making paintings with the liquids and you were trying to make sculptures with the shiny objects.

Then it went badly, the sculpture collapsed and all the shards fell and you got pricked really badly. I was screaming but you seemed pretty calm. But afterwards Jeffrey, you kind of went a bit weird and funny. Then you ran off taking the shards with you as if feeling no pain! I was actually quite frightened because I had a feeling you were turning bad … and I was right! Also, I hate it when I’m right in situations like those, it’s a terrible feeling.

After a while of thinking of a plan I gave up and I went to your lab to check on you. I was hiding behind a few boxes of who knows what. Luckily you didn’t notice me, you were too busy writing a formula for something. Wasn’t it a formula to ummm … oh yes, a bomb that exploded those shards because you wanted to rule the Earth, everyone had to be bad and to obey you. After a while you got hungry and packed everything away. The last time you ate was 7am, then it was 4pm. I guess you needed a break?

One you left for a break I looked at your formulas and was confused at first but then finally understood what it meant after I had remembered all that you had taught me about complex formulas. You should be thankful! Anyway, I snuck them along with the shards just to be safe then followed you out. Then something just plain old weird happened while you were gone for a break and buying food. You were arrested by the police on the street for wearing a lab coat and having frizzy grey hair, they probably thought you were in disguise, but then they saw donuts and coffee and just left you. I was quite surprised because I had no idea what was wrong with that even if you did look like a cartoon villain! So even if it wasn’t that bad why would the police just leave you for something less important? Hmmm … I still wonder!

You then made your way back to the lab and I followed you. Once you saw all your supplies and formulas missing you went into rage mode! But after you calmed down you didn’t stop. You mixed up some of your back-up remaining liquids that I didn’t see and created a substance to control the president. You wanted him to order the citizens according to you. Luckily you were clumsy and dropped it, at least that plan failed! Then I snuck away unnoticed.

The next morning I met up with you again on the street and you were going on about something I didn’t understand at all. Anyway, I distracted you so you would help me make a bomb that would explode colour using the liquids on the street, thankfully you co-operated for once. But it was kind of strange at first, it was as if each colour had a property after they had tested them on the scanning machine. Red was sarcasm. Orange was a bright personality, yellow was happiness, green was calmness, blue was shy, indigo was talkativity and violet was peace. I was quite excited about this finding. It was also a perfect way to restore you!

We then took the bomb out into the street and exploded it. I also  made sure you were near it to take effect. It was amazing! Colours went everywhere! Even you enjoyed it despite the fact you used to be evil. People even started liking you!

In fact you enjoyed it so much that you started to like art and you used that passion to make a living. I wonder if you still do … anyway you made all sorts of art tools and inventions! I think the best one you made was the Auto-Brush because it would paint a picture on its own and all you had to do was take a picture using it.

Also thanks to the liquids attributes you turned good and said something that I 100% believed in. ‘It feels better to be good than to be bad!’ anyway, I guess that’s the end of the story, at least we didn’t go around messing with dangerous things again and were aware of the prices we have to pay!

“Wait! One last thing,” said Jeffrey suspiciously “how do you know I’m still good??? Muwahahahaha!!!”

“Oh no!” cried Kristina “Excuse me flight attendant, could I please move seats?”

“Sorry, our flight’s full,” the attendant replied.

“Arrgghh! Here we go again!” exclaimed Kristina.