Gully and his Small Guitar by Gulliver

Gully plays piano, and he plays trombone,

But he wanted to learn an instrument,

He could play on the beach, alone.

No drums, no clarinet, no flute,

None of those seemed to suit.


He thought and thought,

Looked near and far,

Then he found a pirate chest

With a small guitar.


He swam to a little island,

With the guitar in its case,

Then lay down under a palm tree,

And played it like an ace.


Then the pirate’s parrot came,

And saw him playing the guitar,

He perched on his shoulder

And gave Gully a Mars Bar.


He joined and started dancing,

Singing, “Whoohoo whoohoo”


Last but not least, a big green groper

Came out of the water,

And started singing and dancing

On the sand with his daughter.


Then Gully saw an octopus puking,

Something you don’t see daily.

So what did he do?

Pulled out his ukulele.


He played and played it

All through the night

And then the sun shined brightly

In the daylight.