Hallow-Green Spooky Stories!


On Saturday November 1 we were invited to host a stall at the Green Square Markets' Hallow-Green Festival. Young people came by and wrote short spooky tales in 'zine format, and this is what came out of it! Today is Halloween. I am dressing up as a skeleton. I have the best costume! My mum made all these fake bones. It’s going to be the best! I love Halloween because I get so many lollies and chocolate. I am going with my friend who is a witch. No, not a real one, a costumed one. She has a really long and pointy broom and she wacked my skeleton costume, but it’s ok. So off we go and we have lots of lollies. And we come to a house with really cool decorations and we go in and we hear a long scream like this, “Aahhhhhhhhhhh!!!”  And it goes pitch black. -by Ari

When I went trick or treating there was a two headed monster. He was very scary and funny. When I was a witch, my hat kept blowing away. My friend Mia said hold on to your hat when it’s windy. The decorations weren’t really scary. One of the houses had a doorbell and it said something scary. When I went trick or treating, I went to two different streets. I went to Handsavd St and Portment Street. I had a friend called Mia. We were both witches. -by Hannah

The skeleton comes out at night and lives in a big house. He comes out on Halloween night and scares everybody away. The witch flies above all the houses, and casts spells on all the naughty children. You never know what the witch’s spell will be. So be a good child and you will be fine. The ghost flies and haunts all the children. So watch your back, you never know who or what could be happening. I think witches live underground where there are so many Halloween lollies. The witches come out at night. They like to make spells and poisons. -by Anton

A skeleton is so scary because it lived on a house. A witch is seen because she sits on a broom. A ghost is – he can sail. The scariest thing I saw was a greeny monster. It made a woah sound and I just ran away. by Isaac

A skeleton is a spooky costume, it is also a part of your body. A witch is another great costume and are not real. Some people should dress up as a ghost to scare everyone in the home. I would invite freedom frogs. The witches live in England. Halloween means to me fun, spooky, happy and joy. -by Charley

Freaky things lived in a house. People liked it, it cost $50,000 to live there. People say don’t enter. Then witches said “I’m eating you for dinner!”  “HELP HELP!!” the human said. The humans went in to Heaven. Once upon a time there was a Hand House full of monsters. There was also a family, but monsters chased them but they were fast when they ran. Unfortunately they, well they were eaten, but luckily the kids were sleeping. They lived in a cottage. -by Kayla

The witch lived in a dark deep house. The witch also had a wonder stick, which was used to spell the magic word. The witch had a branch to fly in the dark sky. -by Celine

Halloween is about witches and lots of undead stuff like ghouls and ghosts and skeletons. It is a time for joy and happiness when you dress up and go look for houses with lollies. by Milkus