Help Ghosts by Holly

Help Ghosts
By Holly

My name is Barry Phillip and I am 22 years old. I have brown hair, which I like to keep perfectly combed, emerald green eyes and I like to keep my teeth nice and white. I am going to tell you a story about something that happened to me years ago. A story about the Pitt Street Hotel.


It was the year 1899, and I was very excited for my first shift as a night warden at the Pitt Street Hotel. When I got there, I felt a bit nervous, but everything was fine.


The next night however, it was quiet... too quiet.


Then it got even weirder.


I saw some mist move past me in one of the upstairs corridors, and could just make out the shape of a person. It suddenly became very cold. I decided to follow it. The mist floated slowly downstairs and kept stopping every now and again. Then, it finally stopped, and cleared in the lobby.


It was a ghost!


She had long blond hair in a fancy style and was wearing a white nightdress. It was a bit difficult to see her because she was see through.


The ghost was looking at some pictures on the lobby desk. I ran to ring the bell but tripped on the stairs. My ankle really hurt but when I tried to get up and fetch some bandages, I noticed that they were right next to me. I looked around, confused. The ghost was standing at the top of the staircase, looking down at me. She had dark grey patches around her eyes, and a look of horror on her face. She made her way down the stairs towards me, then stopped. She fled back up the stairs, curled up and mist spread around her body once more. I rubbed my eyes in surprise. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen.


At dawn, I took cab to the library. Because it cost so much, I barely had any money left. When I got there I Iooked up the history of the Pit Street Hotel. I wanted to know why a ghost would be haunting it. After two hours of searching, I found couple of people who it could be. I was very tired, and was about to give up.


“Are you having any trouble?” A voice said from behind me. I turned around and nodded to a young woman with brown hair, perfect like mine. She smiled, and I could see she had some rotten teeth, but it was a pretty smile anyway.

“What can I help you with?” She asked.

“I need help finding some information about a person who may have died in the Pit Street Hotel.” I said.

“I can help you with that, all I need to know is their name.” She replied.

“I don’t know, that’s why I came here.” I replied with a confused look.


“Oh, well maybe if you told me what happened to this person?” “You wouldn’t believe me, if I told you.” I said.

“We’ll see about that” Replied the lady.

“Okay then. I saw a ghost.” I said.

“You’re right, I don’t believe you.” Said the lady, with a pout.

“It’s true, I tell you, I saw a ghost of a lady, dressed in a white gown, in the hallway on the second floor of the hotel!”

The lady’s face changed.

“Hm, now that you’ve given me some more information, I may know who your ghost might be.”

“Who?” I demanded. She pointed to a piece of paper on the table. It had a name on it.

“It could be Dianna White, she was a young nurse who was staying in the hotel over a hundred years ago. I remember her because there was some confusion about her death, she died in the hotel you see.”

“Oh.” I said.

“She fell down the stairs, but some people say she was pushed by someone, or something.”

“She apparently haunts the hotel, and is always the source of trouble. People get hurt when she’s around.”




The next night I was very excited. I was going to talk to the ghost.


Elizabeth, the lady in the library, had said that Dianna’s death had been one of the strangest deaths in Redfern. She had fallen down the stairs, just after the clock struck midnight, and the janitor swore he’d seen mist creep past, moments before he had found her body.


I went to the Pitt Street Hotel for my shift. I went to the bottom of the stairs and waited until everyone went to bed. I searched around the entire hotel, but there was no ghost to be seen.


It was just after midnight, when I saw the ghost again. She was standing by phone. I was just about to speak to her when it rang and she fled. I picked up the phone and asked.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Elizabeth. I’m sorry I didn’t call you sooner, there was a problem at the library and I had to stay until it was solved. I was just wondering if we could go out together sometime? I was thinking, maybe tomorrow, at lunch time at the hunt down cafe?”


“Yes, of course.” I said, hurriedly.

“I’ll see you then. Goodbye, Elizabeth, I have to go. Trouble at work!”

I hung up the phone and turned around, only to find the ghost standing right behind me! I gasped and fell back in shock.

“Hello.” The ghost said,

“I’m sorry to have frightened you, but why are you looking for me?”  

I got to my feet.

“Well, people believe you are a ghoul, that you just want to hurt them, but you didn’t hurt me last night. I wanted to know why?”

“Some ghosts are trapped here.” She said sadly.

“Like me. We can’t find our way to the afterlife and so we stay. People think we’re going to harm them but, we’re just spirits trying to find our way-”

She broke off. Her eyes flickered over my shoulder and look of terror came over her face. I turned and I saw saw a pair of flaming orange eyes disappear into the gloom.

“You should not change us.” A voice growled. I whirled around, back to Dianna, but she had gone. I heard her voice, floating past me.

“The afterlife. The afterlife. The afterlife.” It followed me around for the rest of the night.


I knew I had to do something about it. I had to change people’s minds and make them realise that ghosts aren’t just ghouls that hunt the night, and I needed to help Dianna.

When it was lunch time I went to the hunt down cafe.I saw dianna there we had a laugh for an hour or two then we started to get closer and closer and then we cist it felt great then I fled I made a lot of posters saying come for an inspirational speech by barry phillip.

on the day there were people from all over sydney that made me very happy.Hello everyone I said with a nervis look.My name is barry and I want to make you realise thet ghosts are just lost souls that cant go to the afterlife and most of them are lost so Ihope you people realise that now thankyou all.When Igot off the stage I saw dianna and some other ghosts with her she said thankyou and flew off to the afterlife two months later everyonelooked after ghosts and I got a WIFE!!! so when this happend I realised  something important.

Past can change your future