Kevin has a shower every morning. He likes having a warm shower. The weather is cold in Los Angeles. Kevin lives in Los Angeles.

He’s going to go and get breakfast, and then take it home. The cafe name is Beotonnia.

He had a bacon and egg roll for breakfast. It was yummy.

He has to go to work. He’s going to be building a big house. He likes working, but he doesn’t like working on the weekend. It is Monday today. On Mondays he has to do extra work, but he doesn’t like doing extra work.

On the weekend and Fridays he gets the day off. He goes swimming if it’s hot, and he goes to an inside pool if it’s cold. He sometimes plays Minecraft on the weekend if it’s cold. It’s fun. He’s good at Minecraft ‘cause he’s good at building things in the game. The best thing he built was a rollercoaster.

He cannot defeat the Ender Dragon. He really wants to defeat the Ender Dragon. He looks up on YouTube how to defeat the Ender Dragon and he finds a video and he watches it. After he finishes watching the video, he goes back to Minecraft and he goes back to the end, which is where you defeat the Ender Dragon. When he goes back to the end, he starts defeating the Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon attacks Kevin. He attacks it with a bow and arrow. He defeats the Ender Dragon!

Kevin goes back in the portal and goes back to the normal world.

Kevin turns his iPad off and goes to work, and works on his house that he’s building. He does a bit of everything. He does work for five hours on Mondays because it’s extra work. He wants to play more Minecraft but he can’t because he’s at work, which makes him feel sad. He gets to go home early today. He pretends he has to do something else at home, but he actually plays Minecraft.

He calls his friend Felix and asks him to come over. When he calls, the evil people take over the phone call, and pretend to be his friend.

When the evil person comes to Kevin’s house, the evil person hacks into his iPad and deletes Minecraft. Kevin is upstairs having dinner, so he doesn’t know the evil person is in his house. All he knows is that he spoke to an evil person on the phone, but he doesn’t know who it is, and it wasn’t his friend, because he heard the deep and evil voice.

The evil person then goes back to his house and gets Minecraft on his iPad, and hacks into Kevin’s world that he made, and destroys his rollercoaster.

Kevin has finished his dinner, then he goes and has dessert. He has choc-chip mint ice cream. After dessert he plays Minecraft and he notices that his roller coaster is gone. He doesn’t like that his roller coaster is gone.

He finds out that there’s TNT, and he dies, and tries to respawn but when he tries to respawn he can’t play Minecraft. The evil person made something so Kevin could not play.

Felix calls Kevin again. Felix says he wants to come over to his house, and Kevin says he can. When they finish talking, Felix comes over to his house.

Kevin tells Felix he can’t play Minecraft and asks Felix how to fix why he can’t play. Felix tells him how to fix the problem. He has to get the evil person’s iPad and then delete Minecraft on it.

Kevin says, “We have to hack into his system by figuring out the code.” He doesn’t know what the code is, so they have to find out what the code is.

Kevin has to pretend to be one of the people who works for the evil person. He has to get a voice changer. He has to call the evil person and ask him for the code.

Kevin calls the phone and the evil person answers. “Can I have the code?”

The evil person says, “Are you one of the people who works for me?”

Kevin says, “Yes I am.”

Kevin’s voice is deep because he has a voice changer, so the evil person gives him the code. The code is 155#777197. He hangs up because he got the code. He uses the code to hack into the evil person’s system.

The evil person finds out that wasn’t one of his workers, and tries to get the code off Kevin, but Kevin doesn’t let the evil person get the code off him. Kevin makes a code so that the evil person can’t hack into his iPad. The code is 7575819575. After Kevin finishes making the code he goes to bed.

When he wakes up it is Tuesday. Today he has to go to work for two hours. When he finishes he comes home and plays Minecraft. He likes that Minecraft is fixed. He calls his friend Felix and asks him to play Minecraft just like yesterday.

When Felix gets to Kevin’s house they play Minecraft together and they build another roller coaster. Now it is nighttime and Kevin has dinner with Felix. They have sushi for dinner. Felix goes home at six o’clock, Kevin goes to bed.

It is daytime and the day is Wednesday. Today he goes to work for one hour. He’s happy that he only has to go to work for one hour today. When he’s at work, he finishes building the house at three o’clock. He feels happy that he’s finished his house. The house looks good.

Kevin goes back home. The evil person tries to hack into his iPad again but when Kevin goes on to his iPad to play Minecraft he finds that the evil person is trying to hack into his iPad and he finds his name. It shows his name on his iPad screen. Kevin does not like the evil person who is trying to hack into his iPad. When he finds out he calls the police and tells the police the evil person’s name is Darth.

The police find out where he is. They use a special machine. When they get to Darth’s house the police arrest him. They take him to jail for a year. Kevin feels happy that the evil person is gone, so he can play Minecraft with his friend Felix without Darth doing anything.

Felix comes over and plays Minecraft with Kevin. They finish building the rollercoaster, and set off fireworks in Minecraft.