I sat at the table remembering diving for the deep-sea sponge I was eating for dinner. Deep-sea sponge is one of my favourite meals. I remembered about how Harold Holt died, for I lived next to where he had disappeared. I also remembered the black shadow in the ocean I sometimes saw. I went to bed confused.

“Jackson!” my mom called, “you told me to wake you up early!” and I immediately slipped into my wetsuit and ran to the beach. I love diving for seafood. I love the quiet life but I couldn’t get this shadow out of mind, I had to investigate further. I slipped into the freezing cold sea and took fast, sleek strokes down to the seabed. As soon as I reached the bottom I saw a cave in the rock ocean cliff, as I swam up I started to see an air bubble inside the cave and since I was bursting for breath I swam towards the cave. When I got in front of the cave I felt the water turn colder and felt it rushing out of the cave, so I swam faster and finally made it into the cave and I gasped for air.

I saw that the cave extended deep into the rock wall. I swam deeper into the cave and I saw a soft eerie glow growing in the cave, as I swam further in the cave the light grew brighter and brighter… and I found myself next to a sort of island and all the famous people who had disappeared were all there, for instance Harold Holt, Amelia Earhart, even a whole airplane from a Malaysian airline!

I pulled myself onto the island and stared in awe at all the paradise just underwater! I started to give myself a tour when a man stopped me and asked, “Do you know Max Norman?” and I simply answered, “Yes, he is one of my best friends.”

He then said, “Will you tell him that his father is alive?” and I simply said, “Sure.” As I resumed my tour I saw all sorts of things and people; I even saw Prince and got his autograph! And the bad thing was that there were dinosaurs, because dinosaurs disappeared!

I even had to run away from a T-Rex! As I started to swim back towards the open sea I wondered why the water was so cold outside of the cave and why the water was always rushing out. When I got home I shot to the computer and I was typing before you could say, “moo.” The web sites that came up taught me that it was a freshwater stream and that they were very precious and a diver would give his life for one. I then thought about getting a job to get proper diving gear so that I could go faster and be able to breathe with the new invention called the oxygen tank as I went to bed.

I woke up in the early morning and as I ran downstairs I heard one of my mum’s students repeating: “Mrs. Handsam,” and then started to look around town for a job. At last I found a job with decent wages. In about a week I earned $500 and I bought all the modern diving gear that the shop had and I could afford. The next day I earned my daily wages: $71.42. I had to wait a whole month to get enough to buy a machine that refilled my oxygen tank, which was $2000.

As soon as I got home, I filled my oxygen tank and took all my gear down to the beach and clumsily put on all my heavy gear and quietly slipped into the ocean. It was a big difference to be swimming with proper diving gear and being able to breathe underwater. What I saw made me knock my mouth-piece out of my mouth: divers swimming towards the cave, but I had not given up and so I swam super fast and shot in front of the two divers. I think it confused them because they started swimming after the thing that had shot past them with such speed. I then turned and before I did I dropped a tuna that I had caught and I did a circle back to the cave. Because I was going so fast I had no trouble going through the rushing water and as I slowed down, I took off my mouthpiece and tasted the water, which was not salty!

I was in such a hurry to tell the people on the island, that I didn’t notice the two divers rounding the corner of coral until I heard one of them do a loud grunt and I turned around to see the two divers coming at full speed towards me, with the tuna thrashing around which gave them more speed!

But I was always thinking ahead, so I pulled out my new CO2 underwater rifle and held it up as a warning. The divers immediately stopped but the tuna kept on going and as my spear hit him he did one last flip and died 5 seconds after my spear hit him. At least I thought he had died as I removed my spear from his eye.

But I still had to deal with the divers that were slowly advancing towards the cave but five seconds later they were swimming full speed away (and I bet you can guess why) as soon as I was sure they had left I sped inside the cave and informed the whole island by grabbing a passing person’s megaphone and yelled, “The island is in danger of being discovered!” but people and dinosaurs just panicked instead of evacuating. But in just about a minute all the panicking was over, because they had closed the secret rock gate. But then I had the trouble of getting out.

I then came to a building marked “control centre” and so I went in. The smell of sweat met my nose right when I came in and I saw a big panel full of controls and guess who I saw at the controls? Amelia Earhart! I just casually asked her, “How do I get out?” but she simply answered, “The rock gate can’t open after we close it so you can’t.”

I felt devastated.