Lonely People by Doha

I rested on the bench, taking a sip from my Chocolate Milk Tea. The park was rather
empty today, which I definitely would love to see more often. I smiled as I looked up
at the sky. My eyes tracing over the clouds. Today had been a relatively unlucky
day, starting with an argument with my brother, Eric, to unexpected and, also add
failed haircut by my supposedly “skilled” mother. The peacefulness of the park gave
me a sense of tranquility, compared to the busy, rushed city life just two streets
I gazed down at my feet, tapping them lightly.
“You’re lonely, just like me.”
I looked up to identify the owner of the voice. I was met by chocolate brown eyes.
The proximity of our faces was too close for my liking, our noses almost touching. I
sat up straight and glared at the girl.
“Excuse me?” I asked, feeling offended. The girl repeated her statement, “You’re
lonely like me” I continued staring at her, confusion wearing my face at the stranger’s
sudden approach.
“Lonely people sit by themselves” she stated.
“Isn’t that how it works?”