Meet Cian, our Writer of the Month

Every month we feature a new Writer (Student) of the Month. This month we want you to meet Cian.

Cian wasn't always excited about coming to Sydney Story Factory.  He says the first workshops were "scary, because I didn't know anyone. But when I got started on making a story it was fun".

With four terms behind Cian he now counts as a veteran. This term saw him showing newer students the ropes and volunteering first to share his story with the audience of students, tutors, and parents at the end of term presentation.

Cian's mum says, "If you asked him if he liked writing a year ago he'd have said no. Now he's so happy to come here."

"It's exciting to see him grow as a reader, and to talk about books with him at home," she says. He also writes lots of stories now, and includes his friends and family. “Though if he's annoyed at you you might disappear down a portal."

Read more about Cian, and his latest story, here.

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