Meet Hayden & Nicholas, kings of trivia and masters of cheesy puns

Hayden and Nicholas are brothers who bring a vibrant energy to the room whenever they walk in the door.

Hayden is autistic and Nick has learning support needs, and they started their journey with the Sydney Story Factory working in a one-on-one session, writing a story about a secret society.

Since then they have joined in with a bigger and louder group, which they enjoy contributing to with impromptu lectures on the strength of black titanium, or a new Donald Trump conspiracy theory.

Literalism is always the order of the day, which they both push to the ultimate limits of commitment (don't ever say, "You're pulling my leg," unless you physically want your leg to be pulled).

They're terrific and affectionate kids who work hard to overcome the challenges of writing through distraction and energetic minds.

Read more about Hayden and Nicholas, and samples of their writing HERE.

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