Meet Jayden, superhero and storyteller extraordinaire

There are two stories to tell about Jayden.

One is that he is one of the bravest people we know, spending a great deal of his time in hospital coping with myriad challenges that we have trouble even getting our heads around.

The other story, and the one we much prefer to focus on, is that he is a terrific young writer with a heart as big as his imagination.

He's been working hard on a superhero story this term in between hospital visits, and we're super impressed with what he's coming up with.

Our photo of Jayden was taken after one of our other amazing students, Owen, sent him a book care package to keep him occupied in hospital. Jayden's way of saying thank you? To return half the books so Owen could read them too.

We have so much hope for the world with kids like this in it - Jayden, you're a true superhero in our eyes.

Here's a sample from Jayden's story:

I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Nick, if you didn't hear my master, and I'm a dog. Champion meat eater, companion of the great Dictator Mark, hay fever to wood and...wait, I should just stop.

Anyways, the humans call me a Maltese Terrier and my job is to keep my master happy.

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