Meet Victoria


Victoria started with the Sydney Story Factory at the beginning of the year when she signed up for our Year of the Novella workshops.

Every Sunday at 10:30am she turns up and works away at her intergenerational family saga. In addition to the Novella workshops, Victoria was also part of the Photo Faction project run this term in six high schools across Western Sydney.

She's a wonderful presence in workshops, always willing to share her work and thoughtfully comment on the work of other students. extract from her Novella will be included in the next issue of Southerly Journal - we are unbelievably proud and excited! Here's a small excerpt:

It was raining outside when the BMW drove up her driveway. It was red, she thought, just like his hair when they were young.

The gentle pat of rain was a surprising auditory difference compared to the harsh rap that abused her front door. She had noticed that since he was gone, her sensory systems had somehow elevated. Or perhaps it was just a trick of the imagination, things didn't get better as age took its toll; studies had proven it.

All the same, she took her time walking, she probably could have moved faster if she'd wanted to, but she moved slowly on purpose. She wanted to annoy her eldest child, as he had done to her so many times as a boy. She wasn't spiteful though, just curiously bored at the sound of his repetitive rapping.