Meet Xixi

You know how sometimes people are so smiley and happy, all of the time, that you wonder if there is a way to bottle up their personality and spread it across the globe to create world peace? That's how we feel about Xixi.

In fact, we're not sure we've ever met a happier person. Xixi (pronounced "Cee-Cee") has done workshops with us through a few different after school care groups like the NCIE and the Settlement, and no matter how hard the task, or how loud the room, or how long the day, Xixi is beaming like a lighthouse in a storm. She's always the first to volunteer to read her work, and she's quick to help her fellow students who need some encouragement.

Xixi, we can't wait until you're old enough to tutor with us, we feel like you have a whole lifetime of inspiring others ahead!