My Nan by Ashlyn

My Nan...

She is loving which has made me also be loving. I have followed in her footsteps by
being helpful, knowing how to have fun & being kind to others. Because of her I know
how to fight for myself & fight for my rights. I will always be fearless because she has
taught me not to be scared. Which has helped me have fun & go outside my comfort
zone. She is always there to spoil me & make me happy. We bond very well because
we are both girls & a lot alike. I feel like I can always talk to her no matter what. She
wears the same style of clothes I do, which is Adidas & Nike. She will always buy
clothes & shoes for me. “Anything to look good,” she once said.

My nan is kind, funny & outgoing.
She is not afraid to fight back.
And he is a hard worker.
But very stylish, she wears Nike & Adidas.
She loves animals because she has 2 cats.
There’s always food when I go to her house.
And always willing to do me favours & buy stuff for me.
We went shopping for my birthday & got $200 worth of clothes, she also bought me a
playstation 4.
I can always talk to her.