Mysterious World Memories by Gena Ly

Finn is a human who is only 12. He is very active and loves to go on adventures, and likes to dress in blue from head to toe. When Finn turned 13 he got teleported to a strange world he never been, Elephant Island. He found a map lying in the grass. He picked it up when a cat with stretching powers appeared and said, “Don’t pick up the map again!” Then Finn stopped to get his hat. The cat told Finn his name, Jake, and explained everything about the island.  Jake is a rare type of cat with grey fur all over him.

Once Finn remembered the last time he was here he knew that the only way to get home was the magic rainbow. He knew that to get access he had to defend the Ice King.  Ice King is a two faced person.  One face in front and the other at the back.

Jake said ”Let’s go to the Ice King secret place to learn his weakness.”  Finn said, “Okay, b ut you have to follow my plan or else you won’t know what to do.”  Then they both set off to go on the quest to Ice King’s headquarters.

Finn had an idea to defeat the Ice King, but first he has to cross and dodge the lake of tears. Jake heard what Finn said to himself and stretched himself into a boat making a small space for Finn to squeeze into.

“What are you doing Jake?” Finn said.

Jake smiled and said, “I’m your boat to cross the lake of tears.”

Dun dun dun…

Finn said in his deep voice, “I must go to Del City and get my equipment to seek the ultimate weapon in a secret cave.”  They arrived and got the equipment (which were toys) and the toy he had as a baby. The toy he had as a baby asked a question but he had forgotten the answer.  There were three answers for him to choose. He didn’t know what to pick. He took a deep breath and chose the last name. Then the toy said, “In the mysterious caves there is a weapon that is so powerful it can kill anything even the Ice King.”

Finn and Jake set off to go to the mysterious caves.  Jake got scared when they walked into the dark end.  Finn found the sword, but it didn’t look strong or powerful.  Suddenly, ice began entering the cave.  It was Ice King searching for the sword.  Finn was ready to fight.

Finn gave a big swing with the sword and cut off the two faces of Ice King.

Ice King is now dead, Finn got access to the magic rainbow and went back home.