OLMC student Niamh wins Red Room Poetry Competition!

To steal a book title from Karen Joy Fowler, we are all completely beside ourselves that Our Lady of Mt Carmel student Niamh has just won the Red Room Poetry Competition! Judge Jill Jones said, "It performs its work as a kind of wisdom." Along with the rest of her class, she submitted a poem that she worked on in Term 3 in our workshop series, and was announced the winner late last week. We are so excited for her, especially as Niamh has been coming to our workshops since before we even had our Martian Embassy space! Congratulations Niamh, it's a very well-deserved win. Here is Niamh's poem below, and you can see all the winners and judges' comments right here.

Crocodile Tooth Necklace

Inside the tooth necklace is the cavity.

Inside the cavity is the fish bone.

Inside the fish bone there is the mite.

Inside the mite there’s the plankton.

Inside the plankton there’s the salt.

Inside the salt there’s a chemical.

Inside the chemical there’s the chop of the disease

Inside the disease there’s the cure.

Inside the cure there’s the hope.

Inside the hope there’s a smile.

Inside the smile there’s the child.

Inside the child there’s a tooth.

Inside the tooth there’s a cavity.