Ready, Get Set... WRITE!


The inaugural Pen to Paper Challenge is off and racing! Dozens of wonderful writers of all ages have committed to writing their hearts out through September to help keep the creativity alive at the Sydney Story Factory.

Our fantastic supporters have blitzed our original fundraising target of $20,000. Amazing! So... to keep everyone on their toes we're going to push that - boldly and (gulp) brashly - to $30,000. That will guarantee that we can light the spark of creativity for no fewer that 600 marginalised kids in our signature book making or robot bird poetry workshops. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Find out more about how it all works on our Pen to Paper Challenge page. It's not too late to sign up if you want to join in the fun.

Or go straight to our Everyday Hero page, pick your favourite writer, and support them with a donation.

And follow our Writers on Writing Blog throughout September as our ambassadors and keen challengees share their writing progress, frustrations and triumphs. Starting with our own Cath Keenan, on why the cookbooks can wait.

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