Rules for Planet Peaceful by Shannon

1.     It would be sunny and warm but not hot.

2.     If someone imagined something it would exist.

3.     The planet would have red earth.

4.     There are aliens.

5.     The rain is green and it’s not acid.

6.     There are lots of oceans with waves up to my neck.

7.     There are a lot of trees with red trunks and blue leaves

8.     The aliens look like humans but are actually like a giant octopus that can breathe on land and has no tentacles.

9.     The aliens don’t need to eat.

10. There’s only a little bit of gravity.

11. When an alien dies its body breaks into little bits and forms smaller aliens.

12. It takes about two space years or 50 human years for an alien to grow.

13. To kill an alien you have to destroy them completely or turn them into little tiny bits (don’t do that).

14. The aliens are peace loving and they don’t want to kill anything.

15. The aliens can turn into any species including species from one million years ago, like dinosaurs or woolly mammoths (as long as they existed).

16. They could also be any colour including colours not even known to man.

17. You could also walk around this planet in one Earth week.

18. There are also big areas inside the planet.