Snippets from the Sunday Workshop .... Mission

Mission By Fred Bekker 


He went into the hut, searching, when suddenly the light coming from the doorway was blocked, and he slowly turned around to hear chief Oofaoompa screaming “What do you think you are doing in my hut!” in Oofaoopian,  and he knew, that within 24 hours he will be sacrificed to the ‘gods’.

5 Minutes Ago

He looked around, the only sign of life from this part of the village was a few chickens scrambling on the ground looking for worms to eat, and he silently slipped out from behind the tree and crept into the tent, which he knew may as well be his final place alive.

1 Day Ago

Everyone was looking at him curiously and scared at the same time. Everyone in the village knew each other well, and newcomers were rare. In fact, he was the first person they saw not from their village in more than 50 years. Suddenly the chief looked flustered and said, “Who are you and why are you here?”, so he told them what he was told to tell, “I am from the neighbouring village and I was hunting when I got lost. And if they you would be oh so kind, that I would like to stay here for a few days, until I get my energy back to return home”.

3 Hours Ago

He sat waiting in the plane and his commander was telling him last orders, he was very nervous, this was his first mission and he knew that if he failed, if the villagers wouldn’t kill him, then the top secret government run organisation, would.


He was scared, he was told that this mission was basically fool-proof, all he had to do was to get some seeds of the plant that made the villagers immortal, but now he was being carried up onto the sacrificing table. He tried to say that he was innocent but they didn’t care. Suddenly the chopper supplied to important missions had a machine gun hanging on the side, thanks to a great many years practicing, the man in charge of the machine gun shot everywhere hitting everyone but him. He thought “wow, everyone is dead”. He started to get up when he saw the villagers slowly groaning and getting up too. He ran to the place where the plant was, in the chief’s hut, and started scurrying through his stuff. He saw a huge bucket, well made to hold a plant, and he shoved his hand in, when seeing it did not hold the plant he took his hand out and it was covered in slime, for the chief did not exactly learn how to keep his room clean. He suddenly saw the plant in a plastic pot -the first plastic he saw in the entire village- and quickly grabbed it. He was about to escape when suddenly the villagers came, and he had no way of escaping at all! however the helicopter was still following him came just above the hut, and the hut being not well made the roof flew off so that the helicopter was able to drop a rope ladder. He struggled to climb up though he had trained for this and managed. When he got up the commander said “well done” took the plant and then pushed him out; that was the problem with top secret missions, the commanders get so scared that the missioners will tell the public, that it is much easier to just kill them afterwards. Anyway back to him, he was falling, falling, falling, but then luckily he landed in a soft bush, he was left bruised but alive. He knew there was a village (a modern one) only 30km north and he knew sun navigation so he knew which way was north and he started to walk when suddenly he heard “brains, brains ” and he looked and saw the villagers circling him. And he knew that the next 24 hours would be complete agony of torture.

About the Author
Fred Bekker is in Year 7 and this story was written in the Sunday Workshop.