maja 2

Craftketeer Kitiya Palaskas came in to help us find out which secret spirit animal lives inside us, then write a fable about our new friend, and make a mask of our creation! Meet some of our spirit animals...

Peacko Bear

by Maya

A long time ago in a land far away there lived a strange little bear. His name was Peacko Bear. This animal was very decorative. It had an orange face with three coloured feathers at the top of his head like a peacock. This strange animal was a mixture of a bear and a peacock. It had furry ears and shiny eyes to help it see in the dark. It had sparklers on its face to make it look attractive. It also had a large beak to eat his prey with.

The Peacko Bear lived in a tree hole nearby a shining river. After this animal had had enough of his habitat it would travel somewhere like a forest or a big cave. The Pecko bear has two main friends: the butterflies and the beetles. They all had one main thing in common: their beautiful colours.

One day the weirdest thing happened… The small colourful butterflies and beetles began to loose their colours. The Peacko Bear got such a shock it looked as if it had fainted. Then Peacko Bear started to worry. He started to think hard and seriously.

Suddenly something sprang to the strange creatures’ mind! Though it was a strange thought Peacko Bear thought it could still work. His plan was to find some berries and collect their colour, and if that failed he would find a rainbow and maybe find something there.

Peacko Bear went off in search for some berries. He found green leaves and little seeds that had fallen on the ground, but no berries. Peako Bear finally saw a few berries up high on a branch on a very tall tree. Peako Bear was still quite young and had no chance of collecting those berries for his friends.

Then Peacko Bear fell against a nearby tree, upset and tired. He sat there for a while till he fell asleep.

As he awoke he remembered the plan he had thought of just before he set off to find berries. He stood up and wondered how he could find a rainbow.

As the Peacko Bear was walking slowly around the forest it started to shower down with rain. He raced to a nearby tree for shelter and warmth. Then before his eyes a rainbow appeared. Peacko Bear squealed with surprise. The rain stopped and the Peacko Bear ran as fast as he could. The rainbow appeared to be quite far away so Peacko Bear would have to prepare.

Peacko Bear set off on the long journey that awaited him. He walked through the forest, day after day. Until suddenly he could see the rainbow a few meters in front of him. On each end of the colourful rainbow was some paint. He grabbed every colour and took it back home.

He arrived home and the butterflies and the beetles were almost colourless. He gracefully painted up and down on the beautiful wings of the butterflies and beetles. After a while they were back to normal!


 by Pax

 A long time ago Purry the sing-a-magig lived on planet twilight, which had many different volcanos. She lived in the Strawberry Jam Shop (which is a volcano which spits out strawberry jam). One day she went into the Milky Way in her twilight-mobile to get milk. When she got there she saw there were only 100 stars, (when there should be 100 billion million kazzillion multiplied by 100 stars). She was confused and worried at the same time. She went home to tell her friends, who are the dance-a-magigs, and they told her it’s the Devil volcano’s fault. By mistake she went to the Devil-cano instead of her house. She accidently zapped the door to the volcano, and it started dancing and singing. Entirely all the planet creatures started partying. At the end of the party the Devil-cano spat out the stars and the planet creatures helped her put all the stars in the Milky Way. After they put the stars in the Milky Way, they renamed the Devil-cano to Starro-cano and had another party where they danced and had the biggest strawberry jam cake in the whole Milky Way. And they partied ever after.

The End


The Just Cave Pets in the World

by Mason and Madiva.

Once upon a time in a tree high-high up in the sky J and his best friend J junior lived. One day they looked down out of their tree and saw a human being with a club. They decided they might quite like being friends with the human. So they climbed down out of the tree and went back to the cave of the human. Because the human didn’t have any friends he took good care of J and J junior. Every week they would have a Koala-Rap Session because J and J junior were pro-rappers. J and J junior were not ordinary Koalas. They have everlasting life. And that’s it.

Adventure in Tasmania: They swam over from the mainland to Tasmania. They ate fish and crustaceans on the way (crabs, yabbies and lobsters). They drank salt-water and their bodies could process it. In Tasmania they lived in a cave with Tassie devils.