Students, We Need You!

Is it the start of the rugby league season? The netball season? Last minute NAPLAN preparation? We don't know, but we're a bit short on enrolments for our after school classes. We'd love to have some more students for our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school classes.
Mondays - Memoirs, these are fun memoirs! Like the time you fell over and cut your hand on the oyster shell, but still managed to eat more chips than anyone else in your family…or something like that.
Note: students from grades 3 and 4 are very welcome.
Tuesdays - Come on high school students, drop in and write a dramatic monologue!
Wednesdays - Newspapers. Do you dare to become the gossip columnist for  the next edition of our newspaper?
Email or call (02) 9699 6970 to sign up!