Sugar Island Saving by Hafsa

Sugar Island Saving

One day there was a boy named Cake Sweet. He has pink eyes and rainbow hair and he has a cupcake nose. Cake Sweet can make any flavour cake any time. He has candy bracelets and he lives in a candy house in Sugar Island. On friday night there was a man named Yukk Food. He had garbage all around his face. He was really hateful and he wanted to turn Sugar Island to Garbage Island. Yukk Food said to Cake Sweet, “I will rule Sugar Island and all your ten years of work will be gone forever.” “Never! What you’re thinking is wrong - I will save everything!” yelled Cake Sweet. Suddenly Cake Sweet threw his cake on Yukk Food’s face, then Yukk Food threw his garbage in the Chocolate Lake and made it stinky. While Yukk Food and Cake Sweet were fighting, there was a little boy named Trace - he was Cake Sweet’s very, very young brother. He was only ten years old. He went to Cake Sweet’s candy house and got Cake Sweet’s magical sharp stars, then he quickly ran to Sugar Island. “Cake Sweet, have your magical sharp stars, defeat him!” shouted Trace. “Thanks goddamn,” said Cake Sweet. When Cake Sweet threw the magical sharp stars at Yukk Food’s face, Sugar Island started getting normal slowly and slowly. “I will destroy you and the Sugar Island,” shouted Yukk Food. “I will save everything,” said Cake Sweet. Cake Sweet punched and kicked Yukk Food and then came a big tornado for Yukk Food. The tornado pulled Yukk Food inside itself and took him back to where he came from, then suddenly everything got normal. “Everyone get out! Let’s celebrate, Yukk Food is gone!” screamed Trace. “Thank you Trace,” said Cake Sweet, then they hugged.