The Adventures of Sue the Giant by Nina Tran

Sue’s sisters and brothers were always ignoring her when she talks to her brothers and sisters. She was getting a little worried about getting left out. So her sisters and brothers went on a vacation to somewhere far away from the Giant’s cave. Sue decided to leave her cave for the first time. Before, Sue would never leave her cave, but now she wanted to change her life. Sue left her cave because her activities were getting boring. She wanted to make a new activity.

Sue was stomping out of her cave to find some friends. When she stepped in the Lavender Lake, a huge splash woke up Zap the dragon. Zap was angry because someone woke him up.

When Zap was angry, he flew out of the lair very quickly because his name is called Zap. Zap was looking for someone who made such a big noise that woke him up.

He could only see Sue, so he thought that Sue did it. When Sue saw Zap, she was thinking why Zap was angry. So she thought she did what made him angry.

When Sue sees Zap, Sue thought that she could change her mind to make friends with Zap.

Sue says, “Do you want to be my friend?” to Zap. Zap says, “If you want to be my friend, you have to be evil.”

Sue said, “If I have to be evil, then are you evil?” Zap said, “I am evil.” Then Sue said “What is evil?” Zap was a bit angry that Sue didn’t know what evil is.

Zap was so frustrated that he wanted to hurt Sue and Sue wanted to know what evil is so she was getting a little angry about Zap.

So Zap blew a little bigger fire than he did before and Sue wanted to punch Zap. Then Zap blew a big fire and Sue kicked Zap and he fell in the Lavender Lake and his fire was put out. Sue got a little worried about hitting Zap because someone will say, “What happened?” and Sue thought that she could get in trouble.

Sue wanted to help Zap get out but he was evil. So finally Zap got his fire back and he blew a big hot fire at Sue, so Sue ran backwards and fell in the Earth Dragon Lair and woke up all the other dragons. The other dragons put her in the dungeon and Zap finally got out of the Lavender Lake and went back home. Sue found a hole in the dungeon and she tried to go in but she was to big, so she found a shovel on the floor and she dug the hole bigger so she can escape. When Zap woke up, Zap saw that Sue escaped and he was a lot worried that Sue is escaping. When Sue finally went out, she ran back home and was puffing. Zap was planning to put a trap in front of Sue’s house.

The trap was a hole full of spikes. Every morning, Sue would pick flowers to put in her vase, and Sue walked across the trap because the hole was too small for her to fall in.

When Zap came out to check if Sue was caught, but he did not see anyone. So Zap wanted to find out what happened. While Sue was picking flowers, Zap was finding Sue in the Giant’s Cave and he was about to fall in the trap full of spikes. Zap was so scared that he blew a giant fire that burnt his face.

When Sue felt the heat of Zap’s fire, Sue looked back and when she saw his face black she bursted out with laughter.

Zap was a bit embarrassed when he saw Sue laughing. Sue was laughing for hours and hours. Zap was getting a little bored waiting.

Zap was getting angry about Sue laughing at him, so he went back inside his dragon lair to wash his face. But when his brothers saw him, they all said, “What happened?” When Zap got outside, Sue was still laughing and Zap wanted to hurt Sue but he didn’t want to because when he first hurt Sue, Sue kicked him back, so he decided to not hurt her. Sue was laughing so much that she fell in the Lavender Lake and stopped laughing. Now Zap started laughing too! Now Sue was getting angry at Zap.

So Sue went back outside to pick some more flowers and she found this badge that belonged to Zap. Sue picked it up and went back home. When Zap was inside, he realized that he lost his badge. So he went back inside and asked his brothers had they stole it.

His brothers said, “No, we haven’t stolen anything.” So Zap went back outsider to check that if he had dropped it in Lavender Lake. So Zap checked in the Lavender Lake and he had found this rock that looked exactly like his badge, so he takes it and brings it home.

Sue decided to put it in her adventure book.

Zap and Sue never see each other again.