The Adventures of the Frozen Forest by Kim Nguyen

Crystal was reading a book about how to be a hero in her bedroom. She always wanted to be a hero because she was born to be a hero. As a hero she was called cat girl because her mum is a cat and her dad is a human. I shall now go out to the world and see if there are any problems, she aid. So Catgirl’s first stop was ELF VILLAGE! She went out and started to run to elf village. Up a hill, past a pond, through the bushes and she was there. You would think that was a long way but to Catgirl, it felt like one step.

“Hello,” she said, when she saw some elves. “Are there any problems for me to solve?” she said out loud.

No one answered. “Oh well then. I then shall now go to CANDY LAND!” So she just ran there.

When Catgirl was there she saw that everything was made out of candy! It really was candy heaven.

But then a candy person came to her and said, “My family needs your help! We want to go on a picnic to Twilight Forest but we cant because the witch of the snow has frozen the Forest and is going to use the animals that live there to be her servants!” Oh that witch does so much nasty stuff. And a warning: my hero, the witch, can turn into a human named Rose, and looks nothing like a witch.

“Ok,” said Catgirl. “I have a mission to do!”

Snowball said: “Let’s do this!”

“What?” Catgirl said. She turned around: “Snowball! What are you doing here?”

“I’m here because I want to be you sidekick on this mission.”

“Fine,” said Catgirl. “Let’s do this!” So she ran to Twilight Forest with her talking pet cat Snowball, on her back. When she was there the Witch of the snow was there gathering the animals into cages. Catgirl felt so sorry for the animals. There were deers, bunnies, birds, and bugs. She thought doing that was a terrible idea. She also saw the frozen forest, it looked like a layer of ice over the trees and bushes. Even Snowball was shivering and feeling cold. When the Witch left there was also a little bunny feeling cold hiding behind a rock. It didn’t seem to move. It was very still. Crystal went to the little bunny.

“Hello,” said Snowball. It did not move. Crystal put her little warm furry coat around the bunny.

“Oh hello,” said the little bunny.

“You can talk!” Said Crystal, surprised.

“What do you think? All the animals here can talk. This forest is magical forest.”

“Ohh right,” said Crystal. “Anyways I really like your furry coat.”

“It’s nice and warm,” said the bunny.

“Yeah anyway do you know anything about the witch you just saw?”

“Oh yes. If you’re on a mission then you have to collect ingredients to unfreeze the forest then you have to go to the witch’s cave near the river on Candy Island and get the animals, including my family, out of the cages,” said the bunny.

“But where do I get the ingredients and what are the ingredients?” said Crystal.

“Oh yes. All the ingredients you need are in the candy castle. And these are the things that you need.”

She gave her a piece of paper listing the ingredients: two chocolate bars, one piece of fairy floss, three pieces of vanilla flavoured ice-cream, four Cup Cakes and five orange flavoured jellies.

“Ok should I do this Snowball? This sounds like a hard task,” said Catgirl.

“Yes, you wanted to be a hero, right?” said Snowball.

“Ok. I guess so. Lets do this then.”

“Yeah.” Then she just ran to Candy Castle with Snowball.

When she was near Candy Castle, she had to cross a bit of water.

“How are we going to cross this?” said Catgirl to Snowball. “You know we hate water, right?”

Then Snowball spotted some boats. “Maybe we can use some of this boats,” said Snowball.

“Yes, what a great idea. But I do want to jump to Candy Castle because we can both jump so far,” said Catgirl.

“I know,” said Snowball. “Why don’t I go into the boat and you can jump there?”

“Ok. Let’s do this,” said Catgirl.

When they were at Candy Castle they collected the ingredients. Then se mixed the potion together in a little pot, and poured it into a bottle. Then she ran back to Twilight Forest with Snowball and unfroze the forest...To be continued.