The Apple Tree

On Tuesday September 1, 2015 we held the launch of Whelp, a new student anthology. During that time some of our students hosted writing workshops and at the end of the night another student, Truly Defreitas, sat herself down and penned this gem in one quick burst. We were so impressed we wanted to share it with you.

The Apple Tree
By Truly Defreitas

Once upon a time there grew a sprout. That sprout turned into a flower. That flower grew into a tree. That tree faced wild storms in Winter, dry heat in Summer and nakedness in Autumn.

The tree felt unworthy to the earth, he thought his life was going to be fantastic but it turned out to be horrible.

For seven years the tree wished he had friends but most of all some one to love. The tree grew apples but he didn’t feel well. The tree had ants visiting but that didn’t surprise him. When all the ants gobbled up all the fallen apples, the seeds sank into the ground.

It rained for two weeks straight. What the tree didn’t see was that the seeds made a sprout, and that sprout made a flower, and that flower made a lovely apple tree.

The tree was amazed looking at the other tree. They fell in love and more and more animals came to visit.