The Great Battle by Raymond

The Great Battle

Knight Devon lived in his dimension Oxfox in a kingdom just down the road. He protects his King and Queen. He has no hair, and bedrock for skin. He can shapeshift and do anything with magic, skills and spells and charms. He’s 50 years old. He has a magic pocket - it is magic because anything can be drawn out of it. So the story begins with Knight Devon walking down the road to his house, then something happened. There was an army that was never seen before. It was a rainy day. The army was the size of two football stadium. All were wearing a metal helmet, chest, legs and arms. So Knight Devon raced to the castle just up the road with Night Lex Z and told the King. The King told him to rally all the men and take the weapons to the Nates, which is a safe underground bunker. They fought the never seen army and they nearly lost, until a portal came in the middle of the battlefield, and they saw two armies fighting. One was fighting to stop a nuclear war, the other was to begin the nuclear war. So he watched for a while, then something strange happened. He got teleported through their world, back in time. Back in time, Knight Devon saw a fleet on a battlefield preparing for war. They were setting up the fences and they all got vapourised from a nuke, and then he sent in his army and his battle war machines. He shape shifted into a cheetah and he scoped the area. He saw tonnes of fleet heading his way. They all had different armour. He counted them all, and there were ten thousand and one orcs. Then Hunsole scoped the area and he was killed by the orcs. Then the guy named Dovahkiin came and joined the army but he was scared at the time. The orcs started to charge, so they started to charge as well. Knight Devon’s battle formation was that his shield men go first, with the spears behind them. After the archers and behind the archers were the cavalry, so they could clear the rest of the orcs. A few minutes into the battle, the Dovahkiin became a fearless warrior. Dovahkiin wears dragon bone armour; he uses the shell to summon a powerful dragon. Then he shouted and didn’t hear what he said. The orcs got pushed back and they had time to send in the war machines that knocked out some of the orcs. But what they didn’t know was there were Knight Devon’s other ten fleets. Then Dovahkiin summons two dromoras far away, basically just down the road and Knight Devon got two more fleets to take the of the orcs down. Dovahkiin stepped on the teleporter and was sucked back in his own dimension.

To be continued…

The cool thing is it’s continuing now. So when the battle ended, Knight Devon found a teleporter six years after the battle. It could teleport him and his men back to his dimension Oxfox! He saw a similar face - a face that he hadn’t seen for six years, and it was himself when he was fighting the orcs. He quickly ran to the mirror. He saw a completely different face. He had not changed shape, but he had changed clothes. Many years later, he has a normal life.