The Pen to Paper Challenge is Back!

The Story Factory Pen to Paper Challenge rides again in 2019. So clear your diary for the last weekend in May!

What’s the Pen to Paper Challenge? It’s a fun way to help Story Factory raise vital funds while stretching your own writing muscles!

Story Factory supporters challenge themselves to complete a polished piece of creative writing in just one wordy weekend, and ask friends and family to sponsor them to do it.

It’s like a sponsored fun run, but for writers - ie way more fun, and waaaayyy more creative!

Participants choose one of four challenges:

  • New Creatives - complete 12 structured creative writing tasks;

  • Fiction Fanatics - write a 3,000 word short story;

  • Poetry Powerhouses - write 6 poems;

  • Non-Fiction Ninjas - write a 1,200 word narrative, article or essay.

Exactly what you write about is up to you. The important thing is that you challenge yourself to finally, really, just sit down and WRITE.

And you don’t have to go it alone. You’ll have:

  • Challenge ambassadors - experienced superstar writers for each challenge will provide tips and tricks via SMS to encourage you throughout.

  • Survival packs - pre-challenge prep advice, tools and creativity boosters.

  • Online community of fellow writers - enjoy getting amongst a community of creatives supporting each other as the words fly.

  • Saturday Salon @ Story Factory Parramatta - write elbow-to-elbow with others and hear advice from ambassadors and publishers.

  • Sunday Soiree @ Story Factory Redfern - write down to the wire, countdown to the finish, enjoy readings of finished writing and share congratulations all round!

What will YOU challenge yourself to write in the Story Factory Pen to Paper Challenge 2019?

More details to come… but clear these dates in your diary, and start some planning.

  • Monday 1 April - Registration opens

  • 6pm, Thursday 23 May - Let the challenge commence!

  • 11am-2pm, Saturday 25 May - Saturday Salon @ Story Factory Parramatta

  • 4pm-7pm, Sunday 26 May - Sunday Soiree @ Story Factory Redfern

  • 6pm, Sunday 26 May - Pens down! Pen to Paper Challenge Concludes