The Quest for Wozmarshdoo by Indigo Hannah

Lilly lives with her mum and dad and is bold, kind and jokey.  Every day she goes into the wood around the Elf Territory. She waters the plants and tries to decipher her special magic power (all elves have a magical power (her mums power is making things float)).  Her crush Robert never seems to notice her.  She plays with her friends.  Her dad makes weapons and shields for a living.  Her mum helps to keep the shop running by leaving floating signs to advertise the shop. Young elves start to disappear and the elves think their arch enemies, the dwarves, are responsible.  Lilly and her friends go into the forest and play hide and seek. Lilly is the only one not found and sees her friends talk to a beautiful elf with long black hair and a flowing gown.  The beautiful elf leads them to a tree where a door appears in the trunk.  Her friends go in and when she shuts the door disappears.  Lilly tells the elves and they talk to the chief of the dwarves.

After talking to the leader of the dwarves they decide that everyone over twelve will put their name in a cup.  The leader of elves pulls out Lilly’s name and she is given a map of WOZMARSHDOO.  She packs a bag and brings her bow and arrow on her newly given quest.  When the meeting ends Lilly finds the magic tree, which tells her the only way to get the children back is to collect eight magical objects. To help the children escape, the magic tree gives her the first object, a magical arrow that can pierce Evil Entrancer.

Lilly say goodbye to her parents and starts her quest. after walking through the ruins of the old temple she arrives and smells a stink worse then the smell of her mum’s sock drawer, the smell of rotting bodies. Lilly was disgusted (she is a vegetarian). In the valley Lilly saw piles of rotting bodies; she decided to bomb them. the rotting bodies and everything explodes apart.

She heads off on her journey, which went a little bit like this: a glowing gem from Goblin Mountain, a cloak made of leaf from The Forest of Silence. But at the Spooky Sheep she is drifting into a light sleep when she hears a thump she thinks is her imagination and goes to sleep.

When she wakes up she sees that she is in chains, inside a cage. Lily start to shiver making the chain rattle then she hears a loud voice commanding attention. Lilly sees a mound or warts and dreadlocks. The Thing approaches, Lilly realises it is a troll. The troll opens the cage and grabs a metal hoop, he opens the next cell and hooks the loop onto another chain and pulled the chain after him.

As he led her up the long staircase Lilly saw a girl. The girl said her name was Irnie. she told Lilly that she had run away from Castle Ire when her mum and dad told her she had to marry Prince Teco aka Fart Monster. She was hiding in Dino Forest until the trolls found her. Lilly and Irnie strangle the troll with their chains and escape. Then Irnie and Lilly decide that Irnie will help Lilly with her quest. Lilly and Irnie cross the Deathly Desert and kill a Stinky Cheeseman, then they enter the Shadow Realm.

Lilly and Irnie have collected five of the magical objects and are determined to collect the other three.  After fighting a wizard they continue into the shadow realm Irnie is offered freedom in the shadow realm where she would learn magic that can control a person, but Lilly and Irnie escape with the water of Mount Happiness.

All of the objects have been collected so now Lilly, Irnie, and Amolap must face the Entrancers in a magic duel.

To be continued.