Top 7 best cartoons in America by Nuhad

Top 7 best cartoons! in America
1. Regular show - This show is about two regular friends Mordica and Rigby, but they
are trying to make their life unregular.
2. Simpsons - This is the longest running American TV show. It’s about a family that
makes everyone happy. It’s usually for Adults but kids watch it too.
3. We bare bears - It’s about 3 bears, Panda, Grizzly and Ice bear. They try to get
along with human society and make friends with them.
4. Spongebob - This is also an old show, it’s really funny!
It’s about this sponge that is very positive and his very best friends. They work in the
Krusty Crab Restaurant.
5. Amazing World of Gumball - This is about a family that have very different
personalities. First is Gumball, the sweets loving cat that everyone loves. Second is
an adopted brother Darwin that is a very sensitive fish that is very sweet. Then,
there’s the little sister Aniais that is very smart and Nicole the Mum that has anger
problems. Finally the dad is named Ricard, he is a very lazy dumb dad but very nice.
6. Uncle Grampa - This is a show where they have the wackiest Adventures, and you
might love to watch it.
7. Adventure time - It is about two brothers, Finn and Jake who go on the bravest
Adventures and they save the day!!